Today I’m Unboxing Every AirPods Max Color Apple had in stock and giving you all my first impression and honest talk! In this video I put the AirPods Max sound quality, mic quality, active noise cancellation, and spacial audio to the test.

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  1. Can you test out different styles by interchanging the headbands?
    Not many people know that you can remove the headband entirely by just using a SIM card tool and click it into the hole under the earcups towards the top
    I really want to see the black AirPods max with a red headband

    You can also look up a video on how to remove and click the headband back on just to be safe, it’s not hard at all and it’s meant to be removed and attached back on modualy

  2. I’m looking to buy one but not sure what color I’d want or want to stick to silver or black because they match and look classier or be fun and get a colored one I def don’t want pink but green would match my iPad Air but that’s the only thing it would match just like the new iMacs rumored to come I feel silver or black looks nicer but they are also boring

  3. You all saying there is no EQ setting for AirPods. Their is absolutely EQ setting if you go under music setting then to EQ and you can adjust the sound of your audio output. I really hate this narrative.

  4. Salute King, the hard shell case was a great suggestion and recommendation. Will the headphone fit in the hardshell with the smart case on them as well?

  5. So here is another person that bought every color of the headphone just to do a review and then probably returned the opened ones he didn't want forcing Apple to sell them refurbished. Man, I hate people like these.

  6. Oh! Oh my word. Hold up….. first a like for having and showing all the colors and second a like for that case! Bro I was wondering about that… the case isn’t squishing the headphones right? I’m just wondering….

  7. Thats a lot of returns! A person has got to be an idiot if he/she thinks he didn't buy these to either resell at a higher price or just return for full purchase price!??????

  8. Hey, will they fit with the Apple Case inside of that Amazon case? That way, you'll have the best of both worlds: you can still have them utilize the deep sleep mode, AND still carry them around in a conventional type of case.

  9. For me its between black and blue cause i have the blue 12 pro max and apple watch 6 but the black would look better when wesring them and mafch witn anythinf

  10. You should glue the Apple Case to that Hard Shell case so you get the smart features along with the hard shell case.

  11. Will the amazon case fit the airpods max in their own case; or only without the apple case.

  12. Put the air pad max with its case in the case? I drained the battery without apple bra case ??‍♂️

  13. Good idea to get a different case, just sucks that the apple cast is the only way to save your battery

  14. My personal opinion they don’t look like a premium pair of headphones they look like 100-200 dollars pair of headphones and probably the sound quality shows my opinion is that they should cost around 350

  15. Hey man love the videos could you spare a pair I need a pair for my dad Christmas he loves jazz? ! Please?

  16. The apple case is the only way to turn them off, otherwise they’ll die in anything else.

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