Furious Tim Cook Blasts EU Apple Tax Ruling As ‘Total Political Crap’

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager dismissed Cook’s broadside, saying the demand for a £11billion (€13bn) back tax payment was based on the facts.

Washington has lined up with the tech giant, accusing the European Union of trying to grab tax revenue that should go to the U.S. government.

But in Ireland itself, the government and public opinion are divided over whether to take the windfall – which would fund the country’s health system for a year – or reject it in the hope of maintaining a low tax regime that has attracted many multinationals, creating jobs.

A group of independent lawmakers, whose support is crucial to the minority coalition’s survival, called for a review of how tax is collected from multinationals.

Full story: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/706386/Furious-Tim-Cook-blasts-EU-Apple-tax-ruling-total-political-CRAP


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  1. Not surprising given the level of corruption in the EU. It's funny watching these hippies scream about corporate greed. What about government corruption? You want to take 11 billion away from a healthy company and give it to a corrupt government. (Sorry government's are elected, this is a regulatory body which has no democratic oversight. My bad) This money will just end up getting squandered or end up lining EU regulator's pockets.

  2. When the Unites States stop trying to attack businesses from doing well and set up a fair tax system then you wont see shit like this happen.

  3. if i could say to any executive or CFO… i'd crush a ball of paper, and toss it into the trash bin, saying "this is your humanity… now go reach in, and get it back. go on"

  4. Let's hope that it is the Irish "politicians" cognitive dissonance and not a willingness to surrender to the global bullshit.
    I wonder how a cynical sceptic might view this.

  5. Hee, Hee. Apple invests manufacturing in Ireland to get out from under higher U.S. operating costs, but those wily Irish decide not to be another Mexico!

  6. Tim Cook is a crook, Apple would owe $59.2 billion in US taxes if these profits were not officially held offshore for tax purposes.

    Google reported operating 25 subsidiaries in tax havens in 2009,the amount of cash it reported offshore is over $47.4 billion.

    Microsoft reported operating 10 subsidiaries in tax havens in 2007; the company has up to $108.3 billion held off shore on which it says it would owe $34.5 billion in U.S. taxes.

    They all do it and its outrageous, we pay to keep the lights on, fix the roads, provide law enforcement, the fire department, and the military and these Billion dollar profiting corporations pay fuck all. But they use our roads, they want their shit to flush down the toilet, they expect fire and police protection services, same as I do, only I pay for it and then I pay their share too …. So here's what I say …fuck off with asking me for another nickel in Tax until you have these fucking multinationals pay what they owe me … this is theft against every Tax payer in America.

  7. Soon you corporate scum bags will have no place to hide . Now step up and pay your fucking taxes like everybody else.

  8. all big corp are …..
    and when u wanna cut more tax on big corp for education&health, they say u are stealing, and give u a communist label

  9. Steve Jobs promoted some useful gadgets, but Apple is a shit company and a parasite on societies.

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