iOS 14.3 Released – BIG New Features & Changes !

What’s new on iOS 14.3, new features & more.iOS 14.3 has been released. iOS 14.3 has a lot of new features and changes . iOS 14.3 is now available for download to the public.

iOS 14.3 brings support for AirPod max, new app clips features, ProRaw and more new features.

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?iOS 14 Tricks – You Will Actually USE:

?iOS 14 Shortcuts – You MUST Have:

?iOS 14 Custom Charging SOUND:

?Top iOS 14 Automations:

?Best iOS 14 Shortcuts:

?Top 10 iOS 14 Widgets:

?iOS 14 App Library – Tips & Tricks:

?HIDDEN Features Coming to iOS 14:

?Things You Didn’t Know iOS 14 Can Do:

?New Apps You Must Download:

?NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know:

?10 Apps You Never Heard Of:

?Calibrated iPhone Battery:

?iOS 14 Full Review: 300+ Features:

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  1. iOS 14.3. SX max. – does not switch from WiFi to cellular data unless you turn off phone and restart. ?

  2. Could you please tell me the steps for a log water shortcut. I can only do it manually in the health app. I tried to set up the stock actions in my shortcut but it wont log it within the health app?

  3. Does anyone have the issue of read receipts not working even when turned on in individual texts and in settings

  4. The 3D Touch Bluetooth bug is back!! ???
    If you have settings closed in the background and press 3D Touch – Bluetooth, it just opens the initial page of setting and not the Bluetooth settings.

    If you have settings open in the background it works, it opens Bluetooth settings!!

    It’s so annoying that this bugs is here for so many time and apple don’t fix it for good!! ??

  5. Hi, I updated to 14.3 and overnight it goes out of the battery 5-7%, with 14.2 I didn't have this problem! do you have any idea what to do? 11 pro

  6. Can’t mirror to my tv. You can spend a lifetime of money on apple products. You can stream just about anything from apple to your tv. I already have a smart tv but no good for apple fitness +. Apple wants to be environmentally friendly. Cuts out headsets and charger blocks from iPhone purchases but requires you to buy a plastic box for apple fitness. No thanks.

  7. It still hasn’t fixed the issues with Apple Watch 6 series pairing with iPhone 11 Pro Max

  8. Taking raw format photos is really great. Really separates the the 12pro/max from every other iPhone.

  9. Themes apps still redirected via shortcuts anyone know why or I'm I doing something wrong

  10. Major updates are mentioned by Apple themselves.. minor ones are the ones we need to know and thanks for letting us know.
    Especially shortcuts thing..

  11. I grew my channel by using one simple tip. Be consistent. The algorithm recommends channels that are consistent and that's why I make a massive priority for myself to upload videos every single week, regardless of how busy I am. Stay consistent and you'll start seeing results, I guarantee it! ??

  12. All these changes and updates, but yet still the favourites widget isn’t back. Good going Apple! Really keeping the community proud.

  13. I have an issue with the photos.
    Whenever I click on the select option, it selects a random photo. Only I am facing this problem or anybody else also? Please tell me, I have purchased Phone 11 last month, I will exchange it if this issue is only with me.??

  14. if anybody doesn’t have apple Fitness plus's on the fitness app and they have 14.3 beta just force shut down your phone and wait for it to power back on I can reboot your phone and then you should have it

  15. Did Apple fix the laggy keyboard when typing in message app and other apps? I had this bug since the first update after IOS14..

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