iOS 15 – this will be huge..

iOS 15 Beta 2 – Additional Features, Battery Life & More (Follow-Up Review) | iOS 15 Features & Changes

Apple released iOS 15 Beta 2 to registered developers a few days ago and in this video, we cover some additional new features and changes. In addition, we also discuss the performance, battery life, connectivity & more.

We also discuss when to expect iOS 15 Public Beta 1 and some of the latest iPhone 13 leaks and rumors.

iOS 15 Beta 2 Release Notes:

iOS 15 Beta 2 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 15 – 85+ Best New Features & Changes:
iPadOS 15 – 40+ New Features & Changes:
iOS 15 – More New Features (1 Week Later Review):
iOS 15 on iPhone 6S – Not what you’d think:
11-inch vs 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro (2021) – Unboxing & Comparison:
Purple M1 iMac – Unboxing, Setup & Review:

0:00 Intro
0:51 Additional Changes
3:08 Safari
3:34 Music
4:03 Weather
4:48 Clock
5:05 Other Small Changes
6:47 iPadOS 15 to Increase RAM
7:42 Bug Fixes
9:59 Connectivity
10:40 Bugs
11:30 Performance
12:16 Battery Life
13:21 iOS 15 Beta 3 & Public Beta
14:45 2022 iPhone Rumors
16:35 iPhone 13 Rumors
17:18 Beats Studio Buds
17:52 Conclusion

How has iOS 15 Beta 2 been running for you? Or are you waiting on the Public Beta?

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  1. As someone who uses facetime a lot the issue with facetime disconnecting from wifi has always been a bug. It happens more often when airpods are connected.

  2. hey good day, i does watch all of your stuff and i have a question how to contact apple to end a monthly subscription

  3. Downloaded music doesn’t play offline except you have cellular data on or wifi. It’s so frustrating

  4. I wish the apple music would have a queue sharing feature without the need for facetime, would be really nice to add songs to a queue when with friends in the car etc

  5. Hey Brandon, do you think Apple will bring features like schedule text message, alarm and split screen in the future? i really miss at least schedule message and alarm like Samsung phone offers.

  6. So it took more than a decade to be able to edit the alarm by tapping on it? I was always wondering why tf you have to tap Edit?

  7. Would I be able to use the Facetime SharePlay feature with my friends that use android devices?

  8. Can’t wait for the public beta but can’t lie really just wanna get the developer beta ?

  9. Brandon has to make a video on his Shortcuts Menu and tell us what all shortcuts he uses. Would be fun! ?

  10. For shareplay, do you need to subscribe to Apple Music for them to listen, what if you own the song, can they still listen?!

  11. I having the widget center bugs with second developer beta of iPadOS 15 and I have reported in the feedback app already.

  12. Since ios 14 beta 6 i had a bug that continues even on ios 15 beta 2 swipe down for app suggestions shows no app only if i type it starts suggesting ?not a
    Big deal but

  13. The materialistic edge timely talk because steam neurologically attach afore a gray greasy great aluminium. splendid, used veil

  14. That shit haven’t came out yet how the fuck do you got it I’ve been waiting for it for a while 15 I need to know how to fuck you got it

  15. You know what,i guess i start to liking the lockdown because apple just look forward to that,and update a screen sharing is kinda insane

  16. I CONTRIBUTED TO THE ALARM CHANGE DUUUDE, every time a new beta came out I made a complaint that we had to tap edit first before tapping the alarm to change the time and stuff like that, and suggested that we just be able to click the alarm we want to edit, to edit it.

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