iPadOS 15 – Every Feature That Doesn't Work on Older iPads

iPadOS 15 released to Developers and soon to Public Beta Testers and has many features, changes and updates. iPadOS 15 has a lot of great features, but not all iPads support all iPadOS features. In this video I go over all the new iPadOS 15 features that are not available on some older iPads such as iPad Air 2, iPad, iPad Pro and iPad mini. Some features of iPadOS 15 are only available on the 11-inch iPad Pro M1 and 2021 M1 iPad Pro 12.9, just like iPhone 12. #iPadOS 15 #iOS15 #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – iPads that get all features
00:58 – iPadOS 15 Supported Devices
01:07 – FaceTime
02:07 – Photos
03:41 – Music
05:09 – Maps
06:35 – Siri
08:14 – Voice dictation
09:12 – Augmented Reality
09:39 – 5G
11:08 – Outro
11:28 – End

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  1. What is your favorite iPadOS 15 feature? As many of you have asked, I show you everything that doesn't work on some iPads. Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Wow, opening a blank note is now possible on an iPad – what an achievement!!!

  3. Hello, I have the 11 Pro with 83% battery capacity and they offer me a change for the new 12 mini, what should I do?

  4. Funny how Apple makes such a big deal with the maps globe feature, which was available from iOS 6 to I think iOS 10 or so. Now they even cut that feature from older devices. So my iPhone 4S on iOS 6 can process a globe and my iPad 6th gen with A10 can‘t???

  5. "the thing that older ipads can't get the photo one is eating me up inside."-happier copy

  6. I am surprised people didn't do more research on the iPad 7th gen before getting it since the A10 was already 4 years old at its release. Just curious.

  7. when ever I get a notification from Aaron I just have to watch especially when its apple wise thanks for a great upload man.

  8. For some of these features, I don’t get why they aren’t available with the older iPads (the photo stuff and the on device Siri and voice stuff)

  9. The good thing is that I have iPad 8th gen and iPhone XS Max, but when will iOS 15 come out in public again???

  10. Enter a host of new apps that will allow most of these features that Apple crippled in the hope you buy a new device….

  11. there's no reason most of these features can't be implemented on older ipads other than Apple doesn't want to.

  12. Hello aron. How do I find out what generation my iPad is? When do you ting iOS 15 will be out?

  13. Do you think we will have external display support on the m1 IPad with iso 15 in the future ?

  14. Many features are just artificial limitations to force customers to upgrade or not purchase devices that are too old, Apple Maps limitations and follow device functionality don’t use any unique hardware, take for example the globe, that’s driven not by unreal engine (if it is that’s extremely inefficient) but rather the GPU on the device, drawing such a basic globe is so easy, doubt any modern SoC couldn’t do it. The motion tracking for spatial audio for following a. device for example that uses the low power co-processor that handles motion sensing, apple has had a co-processor a good enough one to handle this task since the A5, the workflow is basically an IMU, internal Measurement unit which can measure velocity and motion in 3D space within 6 axis’s even while the device is sleeping at a native sample rate, yes newer devices have brought the power consumption down some but really the task can be done on any modern apple A series chip with no noticeable losses to battery life since A8 I think (?) as the A8 (or maybe even as early as A6) changed to entirely using co-processor for all motion vector processing awake or sleeping where as before A5 was mostly using co-processor for low power measurements.

    Stuff like Portrait mode, reading text from photos and the added noise cancellation that’s does use Ai processing power and thus makes sense to push it to require a min set of instructions, technically A11 could handle some of these tasks just fine as the A11 has a dual core NCU could have added all of these functions to A11 SoC as well, with possibly reduced effects likes little less noise cancellation and reduced or less accurate bluring on portrait mode. The iPhone X really didn’t see it’s time shine for being the claimed “new face of iPhone for the next decade” or whatever apple called it. The A11 was a one generation and done deal unlike every other SoC.

  15. Hello my name is Charles. I need your advice Sir regarding a future iPhone purchase for my 12 yr. old grand daughter. She just graduated with top honors from Elementary School and currently uses an old Android phone. At home her Mother just purchase for her a brand new MacBook Pro with M1 Chip. Here at my home she shares with me my 21.5 inch iMac which has a 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Inter Core i5 and my iPad Air. I want her to have full access with all our Apples products. Which Apple iPhone would you recommend? Your response to my text message will be greatly appreciated.


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