iOS 15 – not sure what's going on..

iOS 15 Public Beta 2 – Additional Features, Performance, Battery Life & More (3 Weeks Later Review) | iOS 15 Features & Changes

Apple released iOS 15 Beta 2 about 3 weeks ago (and iOS 15 Public Beta 2 about 2 weeks ago), and in this follow-up video, we cover even more new features and changes. In addition, we discuss the performance, battery life, connectivity & more.

And then finally, we talk about the iOS 15 Public Beta 3 release date, iOS 14.7 release date, and some of the latest Apple leaks & rumors!

iOS 15 Public Beta Released – How to Install:
18 INSANE iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed:
iOS 15 Beta 2 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 15 – 85+ Best New Features & Changes:
iPadOS 15 – 40+ New Features & Changes:
iOS 15 on iPhone 6S – Not what you’d think:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Additional Features
5:22 Bugs
6:42 Apple Music 15 Second Bug
7:08 Wi-Fi Issues
8:18 AirDrop
8:50 Apps Crashing
9:27 Performance
10:57 Battery Life
12:27 iOS 15 Beta 3 Release Date
13:55 iOS 14.7 Release Date
14:37 M2 Macbook Air
15:53 2022 iPhones 120hz
16:18 iPhone 12S Camera
17:04 Conclusion

What do you think of iOS 15 Public Beta 2 so far? Are you anxiously awaiting Beta 3 like me?

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  1. Can you give me your extra iphone ? I badly need a new phone for my online class ?

  2. All imma say is ipad os public beta, has so many bugs, and i hate how safari and apps in slide over cant be be zoomed in, and also quick note is buggy asf.

  3. I’m so mad that I got hide some messages but they still pop up. What’s that’s so inconvenient for me, they hidden cause they spam

  4. It seems your having way more bugs then me, I never have the app Notification issue, I always get the correct sound for Snapchat, Discord and other apps that use a custom one. I also have never had that Apple Music bug one, ever. I sometimes get the app stutter but only when using the app library. I've had no Wi-Fi issues what so ever.

  5. Anyone else’s Apple Music stopping at 15 seconds and/or a static glitch sound while playing music? My iPad and iPhone is doing it

  6. Its off sync for some reason when I play music, also the length of the song pauses while the song still going

  7. I found that turning off hide my IP address under wifi network settings and not private relay helps a lot with wifi connection issues

  8. I’ve experienced way more bugs with beta 2… apps are crashing like safari. And the internet and cellular seem very unreliable…

  9. Oh man ya I’ve always been wondering why I haven’t seen any new update videos from u lately at least concerning iOS 15 that is

  10. My main issues are mainly that I can’t make in app purchases.. WiFi cutting on and off constantly

  11. I have safari tabs set to close all tabs after one day, it has never worked for me even on iOS 14. I have over 300 tabs open from months ago. Any tips to make it work? Thanks.

  12. Hey Brandon! Love your greatly informative videos I have a question I know this is entirely off the matter but I'm genuinely curious how long did it take your iPhone 11 series to finish the battery recalibration?
    It's been 30 days since I had updated mine from iOS 14.4.1 to 14.6.

    I purchased this phone in October 8, 2019
    It still has 98% Battery capacity I'm not a heavy user so I seldom use it for gaming nor play any graphically instense games and I mostly uses my device scrolling through SM watching videos on YouTube and listening to music

  13. CarPlay it’s a mess. Voice commands ON WAZE AND GOOGLE MAPS not working at all… pure BS… ocasional accidents about to happen on normal day drive… apple should address this… like yesterday…

  14. It’s stupid that iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t get live text cause I have an app that does the same thing so it’s not the a12 chipset and up that’s the problem

  15. My 11 pro is on IOS beta 2 and it's nearly perfect. Had some issues with Apple music but that's it really. ???‍♂️

  16. Hi Brandon Butch, Do you have any rattle issue with the vibration? Mine vibrates sometimes like an old Nokia out of the dishwasher. 🙂

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