iOS 15 Beta 3 Released – What's New?

iOS 15 Beta 3 Released – What’s New? (20+ Changes) | iOS 15 Features & Changes

Apple just released iOS 15 Beta 3 to registered developers about 3 weeks after the original Beta 2 release and in this video, we discuss what’s new in terms of features and changes.

Also in the video, we discuss bugs, bug fixes, performance, battery life & when to expect iOS 15 Beta 4.

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0:00 Intro, Apple Also Released..
0:30 Size, Build #
1:20 What’s New
8:39 Weather
9:32 Shortcuts
9:50 Splash Screens
10:32 Bug Fixes
12:47 Bugs
13:40 Performance
14:57 Battery Life
15:20 iOS 15 Beta 4 Release Date
16:14 Conclusion

What do you think of iOS 15 Beta 3? Or are you waiting on the Public Beta 3?

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  1. What am I missing on this. iOS 15 in general doesnt seem as exciting as previous updates before. What is the main feature everyone is excited for?

  2. How do I download this I have beta 2 but don’t see beta 3 it in my software updates ?

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  4. My boy Brandon got that juice playlist tho ?? RIP Jarad 999. Can’t wait for the party never ends ?

  5. Safari acts so bad for me it loads stuff so slowly for no reason any one else with the same issue

  6. I really want Apple to keep the album cover art background on the widget even when the music app is closed. That pinkish-red color is just not it.

  7. Brandon always has everybody beat with the quick uploads and feature changes. Great job.

  8. All I want is for the third party widgets that feature battery percentages to update in real time and not lag behind by a couple minutes

  9. Me!!!
    I’ve had issues with my Snapchat updating all the time.
    Also TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.
    It was so stressful ?

  10. Please lmk I’m not the only who was on beta 2 now beta 3 and Apple Music keep crashing when trying to go to my profile I’m have an iPhone XS 64 gbs

  11. I was out fishing and my phone bricks. carful using betas! Never had many bugs so i was surprised. Couldn’t even turn my phone off!

  12. Is beta 3 fixes the control centre bug like when i swipe it just go to really down and then I can’t touch anything

  13. Man I’m glad you make these videos. You make it so clear as to what changed and what was fixed. Love that. ✊??

  14. Beta been good except for phone service I use adp to clock in for work n always says network issues have to re try multiple times to clock in n as well on safari with even Wi-Fi it’s effy

  15. Beta 3 seems to be running so much better. Beta 2 was very buggy. I had a lot of Wi-Fi issues and connectivity in general. Safari was buggy and sometimes I wouldn’t even get any notifications so beta 3 seems to be way better so far.

  16. On beta 2 sometimes my private relay setting would disappear and I would have to search for it to find it. It also would randomly turn itself back on

  17. which is better update my phone to beta 3 or download the ipsw file and restore it ?

  18. Thank you again for putting the previous beta on the left and the new one on the right. And also telling us which is which. Great videos.

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