iPhone Overheating – Why Does It Get Hot, What is Normal and What You Can Do

iPhone getting warm, hot and overheating is a concern for many. Every day I am asked why is my iPhone hot when using it or iPhone getting hot while charging. In many cases your iPhone heating up when playing games, taking video and during use is normal, but sometimes it is not. In this video I explain why iPhone 12 Pro max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are getting hot, what is normal, and what you can do to help keep iPhone cool. #iPhone #iOS14 #Apple

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Normal operating temperatures
02:11 – Device temperatures
03:18 – Temperature when charging
04:07 – Why iPhone gets warm
05:19 – What happens when the iPhone gets too hot
05:50 – iPhone temperatures during normal use
06:29 – iPhone Temperatures when charging
08:02 – iPhone temperatures when gaming and recording video
09:07 – How to keep your iPhone cool
10:42 – Outro
11:02 – End

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  1. Mine suddenly get smoking hot, not charging, no update, no use, screen off, sitting on my bed. So hot i could barely hold it to shut it off, oh and no case

  2. I was buying a new iPhone SE 2 two days ago, but it gets very hot when I play video or play data. And even though the data is off WiFi, the automatic charge goes down.Will the shopkeeper take it back now?

  3. there are a couple of errors in the video. everytime you show "the battery" heating up, it is actually the mainboard heating up. you mistook the placement of the battery (iphone twelve has the battery on the right side, and all other iphones on the left side – when the display is facing up). and the cpu is not on the top, next the camera.

  4. My iPhone 12 Pro Max has gotten warm while scrolling through Amazon on safari is that normal, and does dark mode help with phone temperature?

  5. I’ve had the 11 for 20 days and is was good till this week when it started to get hot while charging

  6. technically what you showed like the battery under the thermal camera… It Wasn't… the battery never heats up.. what you said is the battery was actually the mother board and the processor, the battery do not appears on the camera because temperature on it remains very low… but for sure my 12 pro max heats up a lot!!!! while charging and it still doing it even a month before buying it….. I am pretty concerned but knowing that isn't the battery by itself reaching that temperatures I can have. a bit of relief… but now im looking for a 5W adapter in order to avoid those temperatures on my phone because even if apple say that its ok Heat and batteries never should be in the same place, even my old galaxy note 10+ never heats even on fast charging… I guess it is another apples move to get batteries damaged pretty soon and paying to them for a replacement…..

  7. I wouldn’t mind the iPhone 12 Pro warming up if my phone still functioned. Unfortunately anytime it warms up at all the cellular and gps drops. How do I get it working again? Mount it to the vent of my truck and turn the AC on full blast. For a while I was convinced that having the Apple MagSafe case dropped several bars. I’ve had to use it without a case to keep it cooler. What makes the iPhone overheat? Very inconsistent. Sometimes a 5 minute phone conversation. Browsing Facebook for any length of time. I’m going to contact Apple and have them replace the defective phone. As much as I enjoy strapping an AC Unit to the back of my phone it makes it way to heavy to be portable. Honestly it’s a paperweight the vast majority of the time. When I say overheat I don’t mean the message popping up saying the phone is overheating. The phone does it when warm to the touch. With basically no use. If I’m away from my truck and on the phone and the call drops due to the cellular being disabled I’m lucky if I can get the cellular to turn back on for 30 minutes without using AC. I hope this isn’t a flaw with all iPhone 12 pros. But I have 2 friends that have the phone and they haven’t reported this issue. I’ve contacted Apple numerous times about it and the answer is always update the phone. Never has resolved the issue. Even replaced the SIM card thinking it was a carrier issue.

  8. The reason I searched how hot iPhone 12 Pro max gets now is because I am worried for my new phone. I just
    got this phone only couple of days ago, and it gets really hot when charging. You said you wouldn't worry about,
    but I worry about it, I like to have my phone with a case in which I did not get yet, what would happen if a get a case?
    The iPhone 12 Pro max is great with all those features, but it is too hot to handle on my hands. I will sadly return it.

  9. If your iphone doesn’t get dim and force close all the apps are you even really using your iphone?

  10. my iphone 11 pro gets warm when i unlocked it , even at minimum brightness. WHen i opened safari, it becomes warmer. When i open yahoo finance it gets hot. WHen i run graphic intensive games, it simply becomes just "warm". When i leave it alone for 1 hour and returns to it and scrolled instagram a little while, it became BURNING HOT. Im getting a refund.

  11. I just got the iPhone 12 Pro. I’m about ready to return it. I can’t stand a warm phone for no reason. I can understand if I’m in laying a game or editing video or taking pictures. But if I’m just browsing the web or watching a YouTube video I don’t need the phone feeling like a sona in my hands and pocket.

  12. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and after iOS 14.6 it started heating up now I’m on iOS 15 beta 2 and still having that issue

  13. That’s what’s is in the design! U can’t use the phone the way u can in the past without seeing the damn screen. Never says heat warning. Just dims down right out of the gate when u use the phone the way it’s intended!! Don’t buy apple until they address it

  14. Why is it face down on the 12 ? Show it dimming!!! It’s over heating in its mind and dims. Without gaming !!

  15. It does the same thing since I opened it up out of box. There is a reason it heats up and dims the screen with never a heat warning. That’s how U know there is a glitch

  16. My phone on Home Screen in 70 degrees is overheating and dims screen. That’s not fn normal!!!

  17. i am so scared because of my iphone x is getting so hotttt when i am videcalling i am so scared that the phone will explode :(:(:(:

  18. I’m sorry I didn’t watch the full video but what if my phone is just super hot then doesn’t even give me the warning for it to cool down and just shuts off I have the iPhone XR

  19. That experiment is not ok , just do a exp in a car where the hear is between 34-36 , my iphone xs get selow and hangging ..


  21. While i charging it with 20w i put the phone on laptop cooler with “slow” charging doesnt get warm ?

  22. This is pissing me off, this phone is hot as hell when it’s not even above temperature

  23. Apple is really getting into lawsuits territory, if more phones start overheating they might get sued big time, plus one if people want to bring up the charger not included, Apple still wastes a ton of packaging due to me receiving a Apple Pencil with a giant ass bag, so much “for the environment”

  24. i bought a 11 128gb yellow 2 days ago. and i am crying because after 10 minutes watching a youtube video, it is getting very warm. or after playing a normal game which is taxi driving, it is getting very warm.. i can't refund my money, because in my country, you cant do that after unboxing. but i am sorry about my money. it was my saving. and bought it for my channel to grow. but i am disappointed. i am very disgusted with apple. i was a apple fanboy and i ve noticed that this is a mistake. i sholdn't have been stubborn on buying a apple phone.. in my country (turkey), it is so expensive and i could not get the utility as much as i paid for ip 11.. i used ios 14,4,2 and cant find a solution or good news about that

  25. My iPhone is still getting hot it’s mainly on the left side anyone got any advice to stop this ??

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