iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPad mini, iOS 15 Beta 4, iOS 14.7.1, AirPods 3 and more

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, A new iPad mini is coming soon, iOS 14.7.1 and iOS 15 Beta 4 released, AirPods 3, a larger iMac, MacBook Pro and more. In this video I go over all the latest news about upcoming Apple Products using the M1 iPad Pro, the M1 MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS15 #iPhone13 #apple #iOS14

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Apple News
01:15 – iPhone Event
02:38 – iPhone SE
03:50 – iPhone 13
08:05 – iOS 14.7.1
08:36 – iOS 15
09:54 – iPad
10:46 – AirPods
11:17 – Mac
13:43 – Apple Car
14:05 – Apple Watch
15:33 – Outro
15:53 – End

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iOS 15 Beta 4 is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 14.7.1 is Out! – What’s New? –

macOS 11.5 is Out! – What’s New? –

watchOS 7.6 is Out! – What’s New? –

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know – 4K –

iOS 14.7 is Out! – What’s New? –

watchOS 8 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New? –

macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 15 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 14.7 RC is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 15 Release Schedule and Should You Install the Beta? –

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Design – First Look –

iOS 15 Public Beta is Out! – How to Install –

iOS 15 – Even More New Features –

iOS 15 and iOS 14 – YouTube App Picture in Picture –

iOS 15 – AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max – What’s New? –

New iPad Pro 2021 Review – The Good and The Bad –

iOS 14.6 is Out! – What’s New? –

iPhone 12 mini – Long Term Review (A Few Months Later) –

How to Clean and Disinfect iPhone properly –

5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

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  1. What are you looking most forward to from Apple this coming season of product releases? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated

  2. All thanks to hevron202 on ?????
    He got mine fixed successfully within minutes, he’s legit and reliable

  3. [][][][][][][][] Am beyond happy ? I got mine fixed through ^^^hevron202^^^ ⭕N ❗ nsta?️?️?️

  4. Who the f is using Hydrogen Peroxide to clean their devices lmao?? I thought it was common knowledge to use isopropyl alcohol…

  5. Facing another issue with wifi after updating to 14.7.1 iphone 12 don’t run 4k videos smoothly on YouTube even with fast wifi connection. However same time my android run those videos smoothly on without any buffering on YouTube. Seems with canera app issue and wifi issues this update is horrible. When apple could release next stable version?

  6. Hi Aaron, I am curious as to why you have the Phone app at the top instead of at the bottom. Any reason behind this?

  7. My iphone xs max is great, iOS 14.3,4,5,6, Great battery! iOS 14.7.1, terrible battery life! Curious if anyone is having similar results ?

  8. Hey Aaron,

    Any chance that we could get more Ram on this year’s iPhone’s? Maybe 8GB of Ram on the Pro models and 6GB on the regular and mini?

  9. Well where’s the iPod touch 8 mock-up/dummy unit device since we have the 13 mock-up/dummy unit device that’s interesting there’s no iPod touch 8 mock-up/dummy unit?we’re getting it in 2021 so where is the dummy iPod touch 8 device

  10. I discovered two errors in iOS 14.7 and 14.7.1.

    The first error happens in Music when i play a random MP3 tune from my playlist it can take anywhere between 3-10 seconds before it starts playing. Normally the song start nearly instantly. This happens with both iOS 14.7 and 14.7.1.

    I experience a lot of random minute drop outs when I listen to musik on my B&O Bluetooth headphones. This also something that never happens. I believe this is with iOS 14.7.1 only.

  11. I'm most pleased with Apple manufacturing plant in Arizona for 12 billion dollars. I like it when Apple creates jobs in USA.

  12. I’m really confused if I should buy apple or android next year in 2022,as I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020

  13. Beta 4 is super buggy for me ?‍♂️ apps won’t download, apps crashing trying to open them

  14. If there is going to be a titanium version of iPhone, will it be available worldwide? Cause the titanium Apple Watch isn't, at least here in Greece.

  15. Updated iPad Mini 4 yesterday to 14.7.1. Noticing notable battery drain. Anyone else having this issue?

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