What's New in iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 beta 4! iMac ‘Pro’ in 2022, Face ID by 2023.

Reports say the larger screen ‘iMac Pro’ is coming in 2022. So for everyone waiting for a new one this year, don’t hold your breath. Face ID could make it to the Mac in two years and the new Mac Pro could bring the latest Intel chip to one of its 2022 models. Plus, could a future iPhone will be Titanium?

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  1. Love the Ted Lasso portion of the video. That show is such a breath of fresh air!! I absolutely love it!! Cheers!

  2. Hey, what if for the next Apple event you do a live podcast with Steve Wozniak as your guest. It would be great to see and hear his reactions live! (Assuming he is not at the event since it maybe virtual).

  3. Money staying in my pocket until I see what comes out to replace my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) which will not work with the next macOS version.

  4. Haven't used iPhone in a few years might want to switch back. Can someone tell me if iPhone do pictures in picture yet? For instance can they play YouTube natively in the background?

  5. I need a new desktop computer but would like a larger display than the new 24” one and don’t need a pro machine. Do you think Apple will have a larger display but a consumer machine soon? Would it be crazy to buy the latest 27” intel one?

  6. Fuck Facebook I'm glad Apple's getting rid of it there's no way apple is going to be taking down Facebook and then collaborate with oculus which is created by Facebook If Apple fucking hates Facebook That doesn't make any sense I would not collaborate with anyone that I hate so why would it apple Lol

  7. Dude i love your channel but please start organizing your videos into chapters, so people can fast forward to the topics they are really interested, I appreciate it thanks buddy

  8. You know what would be absolutely shocking??! iPad Pro that runs MacOS! Cuz all this other stuff is blah blah blah!

  9. The problem I think I have with Apple's "Pro" marketing is that Apple apparently sees "Pro" users to be either prosumers or video editors (er, "content creators"), and that's really about it.

  10. If touch ID does not come back on iPhones and Does not remain in the Magic Keyboards of MBs and the regular keyboard, then I am not switching

  11. Dumped my MacBook Pro (highest configuration Intel) for a windows machine…why…because of this BS. Apple announced Apple Silicon then released M1 then rumours started for M1X and the wait started. Got fed up waiting and just dumped Apple and bought highest end PC with AMD on the market. Whose got time to wait APPLE!

  12. Good work as always. A little surprised to see your subscribers isn't closer to a million. Especially after your entertaining interviews over the past year or so.

  13. I no longer care about Apple products I built a pc sick and tired that Apple f!ed up the eGPU eject and made it crash all the time. Yeah not going to ruin the radeon7 because of that. So now the Pc gets to use it. Ryzen9 (12-core), 64gb ram, nvme ssd with the Radeon 7 16gb ram. Now going to look into dual boot of macOS. Also tired that Apple cry’s about epic I want to run unreal engine but nope thank you Apple for being a bit*h!!!!! I gotta take action to do and be creative. Regret buying the new iPad Pro with 16gb ram piece of sh*t could have stuck with the 2018 model. FU Apple!!! Still waiting for that back on the iPad to run an os Apple let creatives do what they want. Apple products with the dumb pro label are all consumer focused. I get it collect money from the masses. But for creatives to be limited to that is bs. Not buying Apple anymore and the new features to run the stupid mouse pointer for the other Apple products I do t give a sh*t for. Still limited to how one wants to create and be inspired be mobile. Be outdoors iPad os is a toy

  14. I’m disappointed about the admantium news. Why can’t Apple consider using this metal?? I want an iPhone as resilient as Wolverine. Oh wait .. none of that’s real.


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