iOS 15 – The Last Beta Review – Is It Ready?

iOS 15 Beta 8 Follow-Up Review (2 Weeks Later) – iOS 15 Performance, Battery Life & More

iOS 15 Beta 8 Release and iOS 15 Public Beta 8 is the last Beta before iOS 15 RC or Release Candidate. iOS 15 RC or GM is expected after the September 2021 iPhone 13 Apple Event. This is the iOS 15 Beta 8 review and follow up where we go over battery life, performance, features, changes and remaining issues or bugs in iOS 15 Beta 8 and previous betas. I also read your comments on the YouTube Community Poll and go over when iOS 15 RC, iOS 15 Release and iOS 14.8 should releases. In this video I am using the 2021 M1 iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS15 #iPhone #apple

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How has your experience been on iOS 15 Beta 8 or Betas in general and have you updated yet or are you waiting for iOS 15 to release?

00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Stability
01:43 – iOS 15 Public Release
02:16 – How to fix iOS 15 issues
03:21 – Performance
03:59 – Storage Bug
04:33 – How to fix the storage bug
05:11 – AirPod connection
05:28 – Connectivity
06:12 – Additional Issues
06:44 – Live Text
08:13 – Heat
08:44 – Green Tint
09:18 – Battery Life
11:11 – Should you install iOS 15 Betas?
12:21 – iPhone 13 Apple Event
12:54 – Community Poll and Comments
13:01 – RAM Management
16:35 – Conclusion
17:18 – Outro

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  1. iOS 15 is almost here. Are you using it already and what are you most excited for at the Apple Event? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Hi Aaron, love your iPhone content. I wanted to ask you a question. Can I use the iPhone 12 without a case? I don’t intend to or don’t plan on spending any money on Apple Care, but i would like to use the phone naked because of its excellent design and feel in the hand. How does the durability hold up in the long haul?

    Appreciate your advise

  3. Another great video on all the features of the Apple iOS 15 & can’t wait to see how it effects the battery?

  4. Useful video Aaron. Ah, we're so close. I think beta 8 will be the last beta. The RC is what's coming next for ios I think.

  5. I wish Apple would release a wallpaper app. Does anyone know where we could get high quality wallpapers for iPhone and iPads?

  6. iOS 15 is sooo NOT ready for prime time. Hopefully there is a beta 9 or the RC is leap and bounds better than beta 8. The overall experience just doesn’t feel smooth. Most features work and no crashes but stutters and frame drops plague the betas. While is has definitely improved with each iteration it’s not there yet. 12 pro max and clean install of beta 8 if you were wondering

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