iOS 15 – Every Feature Not Available at Launch

iOS 15 release has a lot of features and updates, but some iOS 15 features are not available right away. In this video we go over 8 features that have been removed from iOS 15 and will not be available when iOS 15 is out. In this video I show you the removed iOS 15 updates using the M1iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS15 #Apple #iPhone

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – CSAM photo scanning
01:09 – SharePlay
01:51 – Screen Sharing
02:28 – Maps
03:10 – Home
03:40 – Wallet and Digital ID
05:17 – Digital Legacy
06:26 – App Privacy Reports
07:05 – The Best iPadOS 15 feature
07:58 – CarPlay
09:06 – Conclusion
09:25 – Outro

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  1. iOS 15 is almost here. What feature are you looking forward to most? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Just annoyed by the fact that we can shoot highres video but have to wait for hours to transfer it through lightning.

  3. can you talk about Iphone 13 pro max delays into middle to late October. How can we get 13 pro max 128gb sooner.


  5. Hi I have an iphone xr for 2 years with ios 13 still. I have the battery status and it is 86% I was surprised … I have always avoided updates so as not to wear out the battery and now that ios 15 comes out soon I would like to update to ios 14.8 but I'm afraid that the battery status drops even more and approaches 80% I don't know what to do … should I update or by now I leave ios 13 and in a few months in the changing battery I update ios 15??

  6. Very great informative presentation!I wish everyone a successful, beautiful day and weekend in strength and health!

  7. Well I either don’t use those features or it won’t be available in my country anyway. Like the 3D maps would never work here. Up here they aren’t even capable of giving you a logical route. They make you go through very small roads that aren’t supposed to be used by cars, but for tractors etc.
    And it doesn’t matter if you set fastest or shortest route, cause both could be using that small road. You can set to not use highways, tunnels or so. But it would be more useful to set it to not use such roads.
    Since they can’t even figure that out, I’m not expecting such a 3D look, with even the roads surrounding you in detail like shown in the video, any time soon.

  8. What if i download the beta version 8 before and i delted it and go back to 14.7.1 this Monday i can receive the ios 15 public release? And there is no problem on that?

  9. I am running on RC version of iOS 15. Will all these changes be still available for me in the future? or apple will remove them?

  10. What about the new AirPods Features im on IOS15 and i dont have any new Features like conversation boost or others

  11. I’m on iOS 15 RC, but I can’t find a place to download plugins for my safari. Any hint? Thank you all a lot

  12. It’s rc edition giving me trouble … while editing contact I unable to delete the phone numebr and it does undo 😝

  13. TLDR: Almost all flagship features have been delayed. Clearly shows Apple has been impacted by allowing staff to work from home.

  14. I’m really looking forward to the spyware addition! I simply can’t wait for Apple to scan all my personal files on my phone, oh it’s really their phone even though I spent $1,000 for it. Yeah!

  15. App lock should be included as soon as possible individually don’t why such things still not there

  16. Great video zollo. Just now realizing that they pretty much delayed all the new features. Not sure why they even say iOS 15 will be out on fall when they can just tell the truth and say in the winter.

  17. I usually install the GM/RC version as soon as it’s available but this time hmmm I may not even install the release version given the excellent stability of iOS 14.8.

  18. iOS 15 is already a very minor update and they delayed everything. Guess WFH has really strong impact to their productivity.

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