iOS 14.8 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 14.8 released for all supported devices and brings with it a number of fixes for iPhone and iPad. iOS 14.8 brings updates to fix security and potential bug …

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  1. iOS 14.8 is finally here. Did you already install iOS 14.8 or are you on iOS 15 betas or waiting for iOS 15? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. @zollotech How is the battery performance now? I am facing a little less battery backup than the 14.7.1 version.

  3. That’s great they give us the option to stay on iOS 14. I will stay on 14 until they announce what they will do with CSAM. iOS 15 might include a deactivated version of CSAM.

  4. I was updated my IOS from 14.7 to 14.8 but I experiencing some bugs like my Iphone 11 not showing all 5G Wifi connection but in my other phone they are showing 🙁

  5. Who had iphone 6s plus? did you guys update it? can i see the system files if its lot of storage i dont want to update it

  6. I did the update and it changed my screen to X-ray I can see u X-ray I’m looking at tutorials and it doesn’t work and my mom doesn’t let me take it to apple…

  7. I just did a mega update a few days, ago, on my 2016, 12.9 inch screen iPad Pro from iPadOS 14.4.2 to 14.8 and things seem to be running just fine.
    Seems my battery life has had a noticeable improvement, also.
    My battery life went from almost 6 hours to almost 7 hours for the last 24-36 hours. So, my iPad is getting close to an extra hour of life, now.
    My usage habits haven't changed.

  8. Hai am Vikas from india I cannot update my I phone it’s touch not working properly with download and install

  9. I’ve noticed there is a bug in 14.8 where under the payment & deliveries that your credit / debit card won’t LINK to Apple pay. It can be added to the Wallet but under payment and deliveries the card won’t link. Apple have advised there may be a software issue

  10. Why it’s showing 3.99Gb on my iPhone 7? My phone is currently on 13.6 and i wasn’t very sure about this whole 14 update thing earlier so I decided not to update at all but now it seems like a good update is here and I wanna try it. Just need an outside opinion if someone can plz tell me SHOULD I UPDATE OR NOT?

    My device: iPhone 7(ios 13.6) battery health 85 right now!
    Please tell me anyone.

  11. Find it really interesting that I got a calendar virus the day after I downloaded this update. Never have had any viruses before!

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