iPhone 6S CANNOT get IOS 15, and here is why… (iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 may be the reason…)

iPhone 6S was a tremendous phone at the time, but now in 2020 Apple’s oldest iPhone that support IOS 14 is beggining to show its age and rumours suggest that iPhone 6S is unlikely to get IOS 15, so here ipare my speculations about the future of iPhone 6S, which also match the iPhone SE 1st gen. It all has to do with iPhone u and iPhone 8…

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  1. Well my prediction was correct the 6s and SE are now fully capable of running iOS 15. Although I’m shocked the iPad mini 4 and air 2 are still getting updates. The 7 has quite some time left. Apple is great at giving updates.

  2. With WWDC around the corner I expect the 6s and SE to most likely not get iOS 15 due to it being a major update but I still wouldn’t be surprised if they did it’s 60/40 imo.

    But I don’t see the 7/7 plus losing support for a while probably at least iOS 16 or maybe 17. If the iPhone 7 ever makes it to iOS 17 which is unlikely than the regular 8 will most likely end with it due to its 2gb of ram.

    But that’s my predictions/guess so far.

  3. I personally think the 7/7 plus could end as early as iOS 14 (which I think is very unlikely) but I also think it could go as far away as iOS 17(unlikely). Most likely either iOS 15 or preferably 16 will be the 7’s last imo. Nice vid.

  4. i have iphone 7 from the launch date and my iphone 7 battery health is 70% and also charging port loose so i’m waiting for 12 pro series iphone but i haven’t seen any major difference so i’m decide to wait the iphone 13 series recently i buy apple watch se but in iphone case now my iphone 7 battery 100% to 0% in 1:30 hour so what should i do can i wait for 13 series or buy 12 pro ?!

  5. I think the 6s can be capable of running iOS 15 but I don’t know if Apple is going to be willing to support a by than 6 year old device cause of planned obsolescence and it already has a long life.

  6. Great points Alek❗️ I definitely agree with you about Apple supporting the iPhone 7, it has been one of the most trouble free, dependable cellphones that I have ever owned. My wife is extremely super hard on her iPhone so I always get here the best case available. So far she has managed totally destroying two cases and 3 screen protectors in the past four years and her iPhone 7 is still working but showing signs of stress so we are upgrading soon. I sure hope the iPhone 12 performs as good as our 7’s have but I am saving my old 7 as a backup just in case. ✅

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