iOS 15 – First 15 Things You Should Do !

iOS 15 first things to do. iOS 15 has been released with a lot of new features and changes. There are a few things you should do first on iOS 15.

iOS 15 brings a lot of new features and changes to iOS. With all the new features of iOS 15 there are of course a few things you should do to ensure your device is running smoothly on iOS 15.


👉iOS 15 Official Review:

👉iOS 15 160+ Features:

👉iOS 15 Hidden Features:

👉iOS 15 Top 10 Features:

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  1. i have done the new IOS15 update for a few days now, but today my iphone xr got stuck on the lock screen.
    if I try to unlock the phone I get a black loading screen and then the logo with the apple, and then it turns on again and I still encounter this problem.
    i don't know how to fix this bug, if you can help me i would be happy 🙁

  2. Thank you I love this update, it gives us a good feeling ab on our iPhones
    But I need help with how to add your ID to the wallet

  3. Those of you who can't see the Live TEXT Switch in the camera settings, go to: General>Language and region and scoll down to the Live Text switch and turn it on. After that, go back to the camera settings and you'll see the switch appears.

  4. The Weather app on iOS 15 is still…….. f**king garbage. Wrong temperature. Wrong forecast. BOM is the ONLY weather app for iOS.

  5. I can’t use email for iMessage or FaceTime anymore after iOS 15 update on either my iPhone XR or iPhone 12 Pro Max. This sucks ass.

  6. It’s not stable yet. I’m seeing random freezes and even power button does not work. Unable to open other video if one is playing under youtube. There is a list of the issues which I discovered after updating. Using iPhone 12.

  7. Automatic update of IOS might not always be a good idea, just do it manually as soon as you are notified about a new software update, or wait if you heard about problems with a specific IOS update. Better to just update when you have the time, also to avoid low battery on your phone, IOS updates usually requires over 50% battery or if you are under just plug in the charger and you can update.

  8. How on earth do I reply and preview a DM now? 😞 when I swipe left, there are now options but I can’t tap and reply, while being offline! Is this a bug?

  9. hi. thanks for yr great reviews. is there any possibility to get notified, if someone, with whom you are sharing locations, is just tracking you? thanks

  10. Does anyone know why visual lookup isn’t working at all on my iPhone 12 pro with iOS 15 (Is it not yet available in Belgium on iOS 15 or something?)

  11. "Recovery Contact" would be nice, IF IT WOULD ACTUALLY WORK, instead of pointing to other devices with the same Apple-Id.
    It’s a pity

  12. Imfollow this channel – i had 15 since beta 3 and yet i learn some new stuff here again 😜👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  13. I love per app settings! Wish app actually told us in the event, but I found it in the beta on my old iPhone.

  14. Using iPhone 11 Pro Max. Got an update few mins ago of file size 3.24 GB. Living in Pakistan❤️ and waiting for reviews of other people so that I can peacefully update my iOS 😂😂❤️
    Thanks for giving us valuable content ❤️

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