IMPORTANT iOS 15.0 / 14.7.1 / 14 JAILBREAK PSA: Do This Now! (For Downgrades / Future Jailbreak)

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In today’s video, we’re discussing an important step you need to take to ensure you will be able to jailbreak/downgrade in the future, and that is saving iOS 15.0’s SHSH2 blobs. These blobs (small files) contain the Apple Server response that allows your device to restore to an unsigned version in the future when a jailbreak is out.

iOS 15.0 has long stopped being signed, but for some reason, Apple keeps iOS 15.0 RC (last beta) still signed. You should act quickly and save your blobs while you can because Apple will certainly stop signing this one too as fast as they realize it’s still signed. All the other betas of iOS 15.0 and even the RELEASE version are unsigned by now.

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  1. I miss something? How is it possible to do a downgrade if you are not already a JB? You have skipped the most important thing, left out whether intentionally or not it is certainly not good…

  2. Heads up, iOS 15.0 isn't being signed for the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max
    It is being signed for other iPhones however.

  3. Still on 14.7.1 and waiting for someone, FOR THE SAKE OF GODDD!! Please find me a way to do it on windows I don’t owe MAC!

  4. on 14.7, just saved blobs for ios 15 rc, 15.01, 15.02, and 15.1 beta 3 <– (was confirmed for iomfb poc testing), hope i can see a jailbreak for ios 15 soon!

  5. this worked on my iPhone XR, but for some reason when I try to save the beta for 15.0 on my iPhone 6s, it gives me the blob for 15.1, I’m not sure what’s going on, can you help?

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