iOS 15.1 – at last..

iOS 15.0.2 & iOS 15.1 RC Follow-Up – Changes, Bug Fixes, Performance, Battery Life & iOS 15.1/15.2 Release Date

This past week was pretty quiet aside from Apple’s big “Unleashed” event on Monday where they introduced the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros, the AirPods 3 and the new HomePod mini colors. Aside from that, we got the RC build of iOS 15.1, macOS Monterey and all of the others, but that was about it.

And that’s because next week will be insanely busy with both new hardware and new software! So that’s what we discuss in this video, along with how iOS 15.1 RC has been running in terms of changes, bugs, performance and battery life. We also discuss when to expect the final public version of iOS 15.1 and iOS 15.2 Beta 1.

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iOS 15.1 RC Released – What’s New?:
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iOS 15.0.2 Released – What’s New?: iOS 15.0.2 Released – What’s New?
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0:00 Intro
0:22 Recap
1:23 New iOS 15.1 Feature
3:10 What else is new?
3:34 Storage Bug
3:57 Other Bug Fixes
4:28 Dynamic Wallpaper Fix
4:47 Release Notes
5:13 Performance
5:58 Battery Life
6:29 iOS 15.1 & macOS Monterey Release Date (at last!)
7:33 iOS 15.2 Beta 1 Release Date
8:07 Conclusion

How is iOS 15.1 RC running for you so far? Are you excited for the coming week?

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  1. No major bugs on my iPhone 12 Pro Max BUT my battery health dropped from 95% to 92% 🤔 thee apple tech asked what all I’ve been running and I told em limited apps so he had also said with all these updates rolling out that could be a factor as well .. if it hits the 80’s I’ll have the battery changed out 🤷‍♂️ .. am I the only one who checks battery health?? LOL

  2. Your videos are so informative thanks! It does make me do a double take when you say iUS instead of iOS. I thought it was just the microphone until you said Mac OS.

  3. My text detection and scan on the photos app also the detection of like an cat does also not work. Not on my iphone 13 pro max but also not on my iphone 8 plus. Maybe its not avaible yet in the netherlands?

  4. I think Battery drain issue not resolved ! iOS 13 last version resolved issue but iTunes not available downgrade this versions !!! I hate apple policy 😡

  5. Love all your videos, they’re always in good detail and quality.Hope you get 1M subscribers mark soon 🔜

  6. My only issue with the iPhone 13 pro and max is that ridiculous macro camera issue. How can you screw that up Apple? I really hope this update addresses it correctly because a somewhat 1200 phone should not be doing this. As a matter in fact this feature should have been on the 12 pro and been sorted out than. Yes I’m a little frustrated because I do take a lot of photos and it’s very noticeable.

  7. I’m using an iPhone 10 why don’t I have the live text feature and live wallpaper isn’t working on the Lock Screen

  8. Hello and thanks for this video. Do you know if we will have always on display soon as we saw in some videos before iOs15 ? Thanks for your answer and hello from Paris France

  9. Your videos are so nice Brandon and in terms of software expertise, you’re probably the best. But it’s sad that you never give links to download wallpapers.

  10. Do you know if the laggy shortcuts and storage shows as zero KB used will be fixed soon? Great video! Let’s Go Brandon!

  11. I have the issue with weird spaces in notification center. Looks like the phone thinks there are notifications that cannot show. When I closed my notifications one by one. I still saw the close button for all notifications. When I pushed the button, then I did get the text that there no notifications. ios 15.0.2

  12. Is that new hotspot icon Color a bug or a deliberate change ?
    Why call and hotspot have the same green icon now ?

  13. Can’t seem to find the Overlay text for the memes function on my iPad Pro ??! Does it only work on iPhone only ? Thanks in advance.

  14. Great video ✌️. I have one question i have an iPhone XR for a month now and it was on iOS 13 when i bought it, i use 5 w power and apple USB cable. Recently my phone has been charging faster than usual and it is draining faster than it used to. Problem began before updating to iOS 15. Battery health is at100% . my phone is charging like 2 or 3% in a minute. What could be the reason for this? Thanks 😊.

  15. Glad and relieved to hear that the storage bug will finally be fixed! It’s been sooo annoying dealing with that up till now

  16. I got the white iPhone 13 pro max 128gb and did an unboxing video on my channel. I love it! If anyone been thinking about getting the max, GET IT! you will love it!! lol.

  17. No one seems to be talking about the serious issues with Siri i.e. no communication between watch & phone for battery status

  18. 4:50 “Expect issues with the Home application”?!?! No. You just glazed over all the details in the Release Notes… This is specific to Matter accessories. There are no Matter accessories on the market currently, so that is extremely SPECIFIC to developers building Matter accessories. Nothing in the Release Notes indicate any user facing known issues with the Home app.

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