Can a 14" iPad Pro Save the iPad?

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  1. Why bigger screen could save the iPad Pro?

    I don’t see any news about everyone would get it if it was a 14”?!

  2. Currently I use an iPad Air 4 for clip studio paint, in fact the reason I got an iPad in the first place was so I could keep working on my drawing projects while away from home. A 14” iPad does sound tempting. At home I have a Cintiq 16” tablet, great size, really comfortable to draw on. The iPad Air 4 is good to draw on but at times it’s small display can be uncomfortable, this doesn’t mean I can’t do my work on the iPad Air, I have completed whole works on it, it’s just more breathing room helps.

    How likely am I to buy this? Not likely because of it’s high price and being someone who only gets the odd commission and works minimum wage what I expect to be a minimum of £1399 isn’t likely to be high on my priority list. Secondly I’ve only had the iPad Air for a year, I’m getting my moneys worth out of this before I upgrade. Lastly the fact Apple is withholding features, if I buy a new iPad only to discover after the fact it is outdated in a year or so (like they consider my iPad) I’m gonna feel majorly bummed by what will be a very expensive purchase.

  3. Basically, we can just say that the software support for the A chip iPads just ended here. Probably the most disappointing amount of time that was given, especially the iPads that are less than 3 years old with the A chips. With all the "Ready for future" stuff Craig said during his interview about iPad os, I don't think they are gonna care about the A chips anymore.

  4. Honestly, I'm not interested in a more expensive iPad. I just want my A12Z iPad pro to do what it is capable of which is definitely more than what it does now.

  5. Not for $2k I'm sorry. Even with all that power, Windows tablets are still better for the 'Pro' user. Although the performance isn't all that good, the Surface Pro or Matebook E will at least run the full versions of Photoshop, Lightroom etc. There's also the new XPS convertible for that money. You just can't beat Windows for multitasking, multiple desktops and snap.

  6. Bring in multiuser, for families, and all the other very basic stuff you find in every single other OS but ios/iPadOS. As of now, if you’re not a professional (working with ipads), they are nothing else but fancy portable tv.

  7. I watch a lot of movies, TV shows and videos on my A12Z 12.9" so I would be interested in a larger display M2 iPad

  8. 12.9 iPad is already big and I didn’t like it that’s why I bought 11 inch but walking around with 14 inch monitor doesn’t sound good 😂

  9. Apple should stop trying to create more and more “Pro” iPads, and focus on it being a creative powerhouse at every price level! And they should not be afraid of cannibalizing the Mac market share. They seem to be afraid of this when an iPad Pro + keyboard is more expensive than a baseline Mac. This is killing the iPad, and is going totally against their strategy of every apple product pushing itself so tightly in their product stack.

  10. I would say to drop the 64 gb iPad Air and lower the price of the 11” iPad Pro 128 gb to $699, lower the 128 gb 12.9” iPad Pro to $999, and make the 14” iPad Pro be the premium product start at 512 gb.

  11. But one of the things I think apple should focus on too is the heat that the iPad produces while playing games is unbelievable i have the m1 iPad Pro and I hate that my iPad heats up a little or a lot if I don’t have a fan on the back of the iPad.

  12. If you can’t use an external monitor over hdmi, you don’t have external display support. Yet another ridiculous limitation like not being able to use 2 headphones at the same time. Just get a mac

  13. I’ve been using iPad Pro 12.9 1st Gen as bed side YouTube machine since day one I’ll take 14.1” mini led better speakers.

  14. appreciate your take. a sea of idiots ready to defend apple because they like doodling and watching cat videos on their $1k tablet.

  15. I would benefit from a slightly larger iPad Pro. Alot of what I design are 8.50×11 flyers, brochure, etc. And the 12.9 cuts off the sides so you can’t see a full page on screen.

    But I would rather Apple just make something like the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. They could call it MacBook Pro Studio. I used a Surfacebook for many years and I really enjoyed it but I have always preferred macOS much better.

  16. Watch Renee Richie’s video. Ram is the issue keeping 8 apps open and responsive at once.


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