Apple WWDC 2022 Highlights Under 7 Minutes

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0:00 Intro
0:30 iOS 16
2:13 Macbook M2
3:40 Apple watchOS 9
4:15 macOS Ventura
5:19 Deskview
5:59 Conclusion

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  1. it'll be fairly interesting to see how that Stage Manager would come handy in typical MacBook usage.. and also the deskview setup..
    Maybe make a video covering these UwU

  2. Regarding Stage Manager on iPadOS, it will only work on M1 iPads, so the M1 5th gen 12.9" iPad Pro, the M1 3rd gen 11" iPad Pro and the 5th Gen M1 iPad Air and the Reference Mode feature will only work on the 12.9" iPad Pro of these three. Seems to me like the classic case of Apple being Apple or could also be due to the Thunderbolt 3 and faster USB-C on the iPads with M1 which the older iPad Pros and Airs lack but who knows?

  3. Great video guys. I usually go to MKBHD or Dave2D for updates but that would have a lot of irrelevant stuff. You guys are precise for the Indian audience.

  4. I dont understand why dont Apple make these macbook air colorful like iMac … all the machine looks same …depressing … like black and white world from 1950s TV… come on apple CEO is too old does not mean everything needs to look sorry soul…

  5. Apple is the BEST as long as you have the money to get into the Apple EcoSystem. But if you don't, then there's no brand more obnoxious than Apple

  6. Unable to explain the highlights of an Apple event properly …. Because all of Techwiser are obsessed with Android.. Still crying over Calculator app. If you have no interest in making the video just don't.