iOS 15.6 RC2 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 15.6 RC2 is Out – What’s New? | iOS 15.6 Features, Changes and Updates

iOS 15.6 Beta RC2 Released to developers and public beta testers also know as iOS 15.6 GM2 to all supported devices and brings with it bug fixes and security updates for iPhone. Apple also released Beta updates for iPadOS 15.6, watchOS 8.7, and macOS Monterey 12.5, HomePod OS 15.6.

In this video I go over what’s new in iOS 15.6 RC2 and iPadOS 15.6 RC2 software and cover all the features, updates, changes, bugs, battery life and when to expect iOS 16 Beta 3 and iOS 16 Public Beta and the iOS 15.6 RC2 and Public Release.

iOS 15.6 RC2 Release Notes –

Merch –

00:00 – Everything New
00:25 – Apple also released
00:37 – Size
01:01 – Build NUmber
01:11 – Modem Update
01:25 – Significant Releases
02:05 – YouTube Picture In Picture
03:10 – New Features, Changes and Updates
04:50 – Bug Fixes
06:18 – Battery Life
07:23 – Performance and Benchmarks
08:33 – iOS 15.6 Release
08:50 – iOS 15.7 Beta
09:07 – iOS 16 Beta 4 and Public Beta 2 Release
09:22 – Should You Install iOS 15.6 RC2?
09:36 – How to get off iOS 15.6 Beta and get the Public Release
10:18 – Outro

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  1. Did you install iOS 15.6 RC2 yet or are you waiting for the final release or maybe on iOS 16 Public beta? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Hello Aron, a serious queston.
    Someone told me I have to use Safari to get the update 15.6. Is this true ? I live in Norway and use chrome. Have a Nice day further.

  3. YouTube v17.28.2 – PIP is not active on my 13 Pro Max yet but I have had System Theme for over a week now. I am ready for some PIP!

  4. I’m not in love with YouTube PIP… it’s nice but when I swipe up to close the app I want the app to close because I’m done with it at that moment, not reduce it to a smaller screen.

  5. i have been having issues with shortcuts app on IOS 15.5 . When i set up an automation from my shortcuts app, the notifaction to run the automation shows up but when i click to activate it would not run. the automation setting is not wrong, i didnt have this issue before on IOS 15.4, has this issue acure to anyone else using 15.5 or has this bug been fixed in 15.6?

  6. About time for 15.6. 15.5 on my XR is laggin and obviously has a memory leak issue. Should we just assume Apple software testing is a joke going forward due to the diversifying of phones offered.