Top 5 iPadOS 16 Features – Fully Tested!

The top 5 iPadOS 16 features, with a full test of Stage Manager!
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Please be careful if you do update to this Beta, it’s amazing to see but if your work mainly on your iPad I would say wait until it’s fully ready!

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• 4:43 Live Objects in Photos is INSANE
• 5:33 Live Text for Video
• 6:20 Files Gets A Glow Up
• 7:20 Other Updates

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  1. does anybody know if the MacBook Pro 2015 ''15 will then at least be able to be used as a second monitor for iPad Pro 4.Gen? Because my MBP is still perfectly running but has no real access to sidecar 🙁

  2. Hi will there be a detailed comparison list somewhere of what features of IOS16 will and won’t be available between non M1 and M1/M2 iPads? Would be helpful.

  3. I wasnt as excited but the more i see of ipad OS16 im very excited. Really curious how well stage manager works in the future and gotta decide if id rather upgrade my tired older iPad Pro to the m1 or next iPad Pro or just get that new MacBook Air! Really hard call. iPad is slowly closing the gap! iPad os on a monitor looks nice!

  4. Written July 19, 2022
    I suppose I understand why these are all M1 exclusive features from iPadOS 16, but I can’t help feeling Apple did this to justify getting a M1 device.

    On the flip side though, since Apple merged its iPad Pro line with its Mac line via M1, that means any new feature coming to Mac can come to iPad.

    For example, No Man’s Sky is coming to Mac and ipad this year, what’s really cool is by Apples own emissions during WWDC 2022, that means Resident Evil Village can also come to ipad since they showed it coming to Mac soon

  5. Stage manager is trash. They should have just implemented real windows snapping and resizing. This is just apple not wanting to be windows. Microsoft doesn’t even have a patent on quadrant screen snapping or app picker. ChromeOS and Samsung tablets already implemented windows style window snapping because it’s the only sensible way. The only time stage manager “looks good” is if you’re trying to look busy and smart and you have task manager active with 6 windows open on the left and take a photo of yourself with the iPad in the background. Like, hey, I was “working”.

  6. thank you for great video! i was wondering how much storage does the os 16 uses? i’m a law student and i want to get the ipad air 5, and i’m a bit torn on whether i should get the base model or the 256gb one.

  7. Using a 2nd screen and having it fill the screen is awesome. Stage manager, I literally still don't see the point after using it for months. The iPad Pro, I have the 12.9 2021 is still an accessory, it's way to slow (not hardware but cumbersome and non-pro software) to forget my MacBook at home. It's a great toy, really fun as a 2nd screen.

  8. Great summary of some the best new features in iPad OS 16. I welcome the Files app improvements, but I just wish it had an option to unmount external drives to minimise the risk of corrupting the drive, and external drive repair and format options, so you could recover from such a situation. The latter would make a M series iPad Pro / iPad a standalone computer!

  9. Should I trade my iPad Air for the iPad Air m1 need more space my one is 64gb and I need more space to edit my YouTube channel videos and is it worth it to trade my ipad for a 256gb one

  10. I just want to confirm one thing re: stage manager.

    On laptops, you can close the lid/turn the device off, but leave the content on the external display. This isn’t possible with ipads, is it? I’d assume as soon as you hit the power button, the external display also goes blank?

  11. Warning too late. Updated phone, iPad Air, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. Absolutely loving the experience. Beautiful OS and feels buttery smooth on each device. About the most intensive programs I run are Photoshop and Lightroom so take this with a bit of salt. Love your reviews.

  12. Why does the scaling feature actually have to increase the resolution? It could just adjust the scaling of content, like other operating systems do. I also want this feature for external monitors because I have a pretty large monitor that's not 4K, so everything is kinda oversized at the moment.

  13. Nice work! I always find your reviews clear and understandable while learning a lot from your explanations. I’m fairly new to the iPad Pro so I have a long way to go. I’m waiting for the full version release but it sounds amazing, especially the new files app. That’s the thing that bugs me the most in iOS.

  14. Been using the latest Beta 3 of iPadOS and iOS (with Ventura) which has been pretty stable. Took the plunge to upgrade my main machine and I’ve been using Stage Manager with work, which has been great. Not many issues, one or two apps drop out but nothing major. Love the videos and keen to see more

  15. Dang. I have 3rd gen iPad Pro so no m1 chip :/ was hoping to be able to use my iPad with my external monitor for doing school to really help me focus and not get distracted with my pc

  16. What I really want from Stage Manager is better use of the screen. The "spaces" on the left just take up too much space, especially when you consider that some space next to or on the dock could be reserved for those spaces. Maybe a little pseudo-folder of the spaces? Or they each just get an icon? Something like this would make it great for more than just external displays.

  17. The public beta seems to be super smooth, been using it on the 9th gen iPad and I’ve noticed the occasional stumble but honestly nothing to worry about. Hoping iPadOS 17 will allow Lock Screen customisation, like with iOS 16 🤞

  18. Since I work (and play) 100% on a 12.9 M1 iPad Pro, I have watched every video on iPadOS16 (in particular Stage Manager & External Monitor), as I want to learn how to integrate it into my workflow. Stage Manager and how to maneuver within it appears a bit confusing. I have to say your video has been the clearest explanation of its features yet. Thank you!