iOS 16 – First 16 Things To Do !

iOS 16 first things to do. iOS 16 has been released with a lot of new features and changes. There are a few things you should do first on iOS 16.

iOS 16 brings a lot of new features and changes to iOS. With all the new features of iOS 16 there are of course a few things you should do to ensure your device is running smoothly on iOS 16.


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👉Things You Didn’t Know iPhone Could DO:

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Intro 0:00
Lock screen 0:26
Widgets 1:29
Link focus 2:10
Percentage 2:49
Search 3:09
Wallpaper 3:34
Quick note 4:25
Lists 4:52
Pause time 5:17
Scheduled 5:44
Accounts notifications 6:24
Auto update 6:58
Beta profile 7:25
Update 7:49
Privacy 8:23
Mic cam blue 8:52


  1. Ever since I started using iOS 16 RC my date speed has been crap 🤬. I don’t know what happened but I been using ever Public Beta since late July and I never had this problem. Sometimes even when I tried using WiFi my connection seem to be very poor 🤬🤬.