Turbo Dave

Have you ever wanted to have your very own loyal henchman to help carry out all of your mischievous schemes? Meet Turbo Dave, your own personal sidekick! Turbo Dave responds to hand gestures and can even navigate your room. With the Turbo Dave App, control your Turbo Dave remotely, plan paths for him to self-navigate, or even have your Turbo Dave interact with other characters or props from the popular movie Franchise. When desperate times call for DESPICABLE measures, Wowwee®’s Turbo Dave can bring in the mischievous fun!

App Features Include:

Drive Turbo Dave with despicably easy controls.

Trace a path with your finger and Turbo Dave will follow along.

Your own personal sidekick to make laugh, cry, fart and more!

Watch Turbo Dave reacts to props and characters from the popular movie franchise.

It’s a fart blaster battle between two or more Turbo Dave robots. Last one standing wins!

Also includes educational Coding functionality
Have fun programming with the CODER MIP App.

App requires “WowWee MiP – Turbo Dave” to function

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By WowWee Group Limited

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