Diary With Password

Track life’s progress

Log a little bit about each day

Look back at the emotions and the opinions and even mundane aspects of your life

Write out all your emotions in a space and no one will see

This is an electronic diary

Simple and friendly

■ Password
-set a password to protect your diary secrets

■ Time Stamp
-note the time by touching the inconspicuous clock button

■ Reminder
-friendly reminder to write about your day

■ Delete
-swipe your finger to delete the diary you want to delete

■ Night Mode
-to make looking at a screen in a dark room easier on your eyes

■ iCloud
-back up your data/Restore the data on your iOS device

■ Export
-export your diary as a text/Export the diary to PDF file
(The exported file will be sent to you by email. Please make sure that a mail account has been set on the device)

■ Sizes
-choose a new font size from the font size list

■ Sign
-add a good diary to your favorites

■ Search
-full text search-able – search entries by containing text

■ Fonts
-to change the font type, in the font list, select a font

■ Touch ID / Face ID
-need the related hardware support (iPhone 5s+)

■ Pattern Lock
-security and ease


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