BNI Timer

The BNI Timer is an official app for BNI® (Business Networking International).

Update: As suggested in feedback, you can now set custom times using our innovative time-setting function.

A professional, easy to use timer to aid and improve BNI chapter meetings across the World.

The bold design allows the speaker and other members to view the time remaining, the speaker can adjust their presentation accordingly. When the timer ends, a bell will sound.

Offering a selection of ‘times’ and specialist features such as a custom time setting and a bell on demand.

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‘The BNI Timer’ is simple to use:

– 1: Choose how long you want the timer to run using a swipe gesture, the selected time will be highlighted in the top black bar,

– 2: Press ‘Start’. Once the timer reaches zero, you will hear a bell indicating the time has expired (ensure your device is not muted).

– 3: At any time you can stop, reset or resume the timer.

Additional Features

The bell can be sounded at any time using the bell button in the bottom right corner of the screen (ensure your device is not muted).

A custom time can be set using the settings button. To adjust the time place your finger on the stop watch and drag in a clockwise/anti clockwise direction to increase/decrease the time.

By Rantmedia Limited

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