Winter Fireplace


Cozy up this holiday season next to your favorite fireplace!

Winter Fireplace brings 19 beautiful fireplaces to your home, providing a fire-lit ambience, authentic wood-crackling sound, and a safer and more affordable experience than a gas or wood burning fireplace.

Best to use when:
– Entertaining friends and family in your home
– Wanting to get away from the cold weather outside
– Preparing and eating dinner
– Out of firewood for your wood burning fireplace
– Desiring a wood-fire, but not enough time to start one and let it burn out
– Listening to seasonal and holiday music
– Burning pumpkin, pine, or your other favorite holiday-scented candles
– Anytime!

Instead of binge-watching another episode of an addicting television series, give your eyes, ears, and mind a break. Put your feet up, turn on the Winter Fireplace and relax to the soothing sounds, dancing flames, and meditative atmosphere.

Winter Fireplace features 19 different fireplace scenes, with 15 of them in 4K resolution (all 19 are compatible with HD & 4K TVs).

Special Thanks to:
Evrim Ekinci
Véronique Bastien-Jamet
Stefan Leipold
Chris Minkyu Jeong


By Henry Glendening

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