W2P – Packaging (POD)

W2P stands for Web to Print. This App (call it as POD) is the first and innovative tool for you to manage your printing business by smartphones or tablets. It targets on various kind of packaging products.

Printing is a highly competitive business, to survive you should understand the profit margin of each quotation; as such, you must employ latest cost factors to secure your profitability. To manifest this, POD is inevitably your choice. Just a few taps, you can update all cost databases such as paper, machine, ink, finishing and wastage etc.

Once databases are set, tap and locate your target corrugated packaging, input values of length, breath and height, select paper, machine and finishing. POD will derive the best production method for you:
– size of paper
– paper-out method
– number of up
– number of print sheets, most importantly
– pre-press cost
– material cost
– printing cost
– finishing cost.

Shortage of printing personnel is no longer a concern; POD possesses all printing know-how and can work for you round the clock.

You don’t have to buy any hardware or software license; just download POD and run it. Your start-up cost is minimal. You will only be charged on demand, this amount may be less than one US dollar.

Your colleagues can also employ your account to login at their own smartphones or tablets. By doing this, you are creating a diversified mobile shopfront to strengthen your salesforce.

When meeting customers, there is no pre-defined cost vs price table in POD, instead POD is your interactive tool to meet every requirement raised by your customers; this includes box type, box shape, box sizes, quantity, printing material and number of colour.


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