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Get the whole family excited about learning American Sign Language (ASL) by watching other kids sign! The ASL experts in our app are between the ages of 1 and 12, and they teach you common signs from the ASL dictionary and baby sign language. All hand signs, furthermore, are accompanied by a large image and an audio button designed to stimulate speech and hearing.

This free app has all the functionality you can imagine, including quiz games, fingerspelling and 50 free signs. An optional pack of 150+ more signs is available to help you increase your knowledge of ASL.

Important Message for Parents and Teachers
– NO Direct links to social networking websites
– NO ads
– Parents have the option to monitor and control all in-app purchases

If you have an issue, please email us for help at

Why this app?
When we found out our son had hearing loss, our whole family was eager to learn sign language. That was when we discovered that our kids benefited from interactive visual material. However, it was hard to find suitable apps on signing specifically designed for kids. The next thing we knew, we had decided to design one ourselves.

How do children learn best? By imitating other kids! My son loves this app, and I hope you will too.

How does it work?
The app is kid-proof and was designed to be used without the help of an adult. There are no external links or ads, so no internet connection is needed to work the app. While there is no complex text, kids will have no issues navigating our clear and tappable images.

**** Support ****
We are dedicated to creating and expanding a high-quality app that unlocks your child’s learning potential in a fun way.

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**** Features: ****
– Peer role models: How do children learn best? By imitating other kids!
– Intuitive interface: No need to read. Clear tappable images.
– Easy signs: Carefully selected signs that are easy for children to master.
– Fun: Includes an interactive quiz game to test your knowledge of ASL.
– Fingerspelling: Learn your ABC’s by swiping through the letters
– No ads or external links: No internet connection required after download.
– Video: Videos can be (re)played by tapping the screen.
– Easy navigation: Simple menu and buttons for easy browsing.
– Audio: Separate audio button to hear how a word is pronounced.
– iPad / iPhone optimized

Download now and learn ASL!

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