Spanish Word Game.


WordsApp is the real game for learning Spanish. We’ve combined the best from games and educational apps and added a pinch of imagination.
WordsApp is an exciting journey to Spanish-speaking countries and cities with language immersion during which your brain will absorb words and grammar.
1. A unique way to learn the language—a trip around the world where your knowledge of Spanish is your currency.
2. Just a few minutes a day, and over the course of a year you’ll learn more words than a native speaker uses in their daily life.
3. Train your Spanish listening comprehension, translation skills, and grammar, and just have fun.
4. A smart algorithm based on the forgetting curve lies at the very core of the game! WordsApp will proactively toss in words you otherwise would have forgotten.
5. Unlock new modes and mechanics! The more you play, the more exciting ways to learn you’ll find along the way.
6. Play anywhere—take a breather at work, entertain yourself on the daily commute, learn something useful before bed, or play through a couple of levels when there’s nothing to read on Facebook and every post is already liked on Instagram. No restrictions.
7. An incredibly special and gorgeous app that will really make you better every single day!
8. You just play the game, and your brain absorbs words and grammar.

WordsApp—play and learn!

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