Melon – Healthier, happier you

Melon is a health and wellness app that helps you identify and understand your habits while giving you the support you need so that you can achieve your health goals.

Melon is currently available through a selected number of clinics in New Zealand. Speak to your doctor or other healthcare provider to see if it’s available to you.

With Melon, you can:

• Track your day by entering your energy level, exercise minutes, and happiness (you can also connect your fitness device)
• Celebrate victories, gain inspiration, and share what you are going through with the community of people on a similar health journey to you
• Get your own personal coach and talk to them via private message or video chat
• Access a tailored programme to teach you new skills based on best practices and evidence-based research
• Learn how to manage your health with useful articles and videos

We offer a range of programmes in partnership with healthcare providers, including:

• Weight loss
• Prediabetes
• Diabetes
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Emotional wellness

If you’re interested and Melon isn’t available to you, you can contact us at

By Melon Health Limited

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