Are you missing the action texting your family and friends to keep them up to date on the score? “What’s The Score?” helps you track the action and let everyone know the score with a couple of taps.

Set up the team names and colors for the scoreboard, then choose any number of people from your contacts. Anytime you want to let them know the score, just tap the message button and a text message will be brought up, ready to send!

– Many color options to choose from
– Easily swap team names (when changing sides)
– Reset the score for a new match
– Tap or swipe to increase or decrease the score (or the game/set)
– Go back to a previous game to see the score
– Add people to receive texts (or clear the list for a new match)
– Customize the text message before sending if you like!

– Volleyball is currently the pre-set for texting, more coming soon!

By Aaron Spencer

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