TOP 10 Cycling Apps Of 2020: Free, Paid Training Apps, and Zwift Alternatives

These are the indoor cycling apps in 2020. Some apps are paid and some have a free option. Some are good alternative to Zwift.
For a full list of indoor cycling apps:
00:00 INTRO
1:44 [10] KINOMAP 03:04 [9] TRAINERDAY
04:46 [8] BIGRINGVR 6:52 [7] FULGAZ 8:25 [6 ] RGT CYCLING
9:41 [5 ] ROUVY 11:09 [4 ] XERT 13:05 [3 ] THE SUF
16:30 [1] ZWIFT
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  1. Great review. Spot on. When I had a cycling coach we used trainer road. Great workouts but I like cycling videos or movies so a friend recommended the suf. For the past 3 years I’ve subscribed to Sufferfest which I’m still enjoying. It used to be more cumbersome using training plans from training peaks but now it’s integrated into the app. I also love the yoga sessions.

  2. Great set of objective reviews! Might I ask that you revisit RGT though as the Magic Roads review is way out of date and much had already changed in RGT at the time this review was released 🙂 Thanks for your great work!

  3. Thanks, Tariq. Just got my Saris H3 and decided to do a few different apps on free trial. I started with Rouvy and so far it's great for me. Really helpful to have your input as I test out a few of these apps. And I may look into that t-shirt too, as I see below you have posted the source!

  4. Undoubtedly today during covid there will be many people, not serious cyclist, who'd like to know which apps only need a normal trainer & sensor and don't want to fork out for an expensive smart trainer or power meter.

  5. Bkool is my pick. Zwift for social interaction, but Bkool offers lots of numbers, an actual flat course in the form of a velodrome and I especially like the greater variety of numbers on the actual ride. My favorite is the upcoming gradient change as well as how long the current segment is in regard to distance. That way I already have a good idea of what gear I will get into the moment I get into a different gradient, rather than waiting for the resistance to hit and then select it.

    One negative is that it can be a bit of a pain in the backside to get this thing to pair in bluetooth, so I end up using ANT+ more often than not.

  6. You have forgotten PerfPRO Studio and Golden Cheetah, two excellent training app alternatives with great data analysis.

  7. Cost versus benefit, I think Bkool is the best…. you should talk about it or did you not include it. Thanks.
    I compared a few apps myself before subscribing because I did not wanted to have more than one…

  8. Hi, thanks for this great video!!!!… very good info. Do you know ONELAP???. … if you know it, what do you think abaut it?. Thanks!!.

  9. I would love to hear why Bkool didn't make the list. They have a ton of great rides and their quality is amazing. I bounce between them and Zwift.

  10. Hi Tariq, I would like to mention the GARMIN Headunit Indoor Trainer-Mode to complete your list (ERG Mode and as you said the most boring feature riding a course). I personally ride appr. 14.000 k each year (outdoor) and just started indoor cycling with the new Wahoo Core. Compared to the price tag for STRAVA – most of the Trainer Apps 2020 you presented are still to expensive. Why don't we ride outdoor in autumn / winter and use indoor cycling only for shorter rides (10-30 k)? Once the monthly subscription costs will be less than USD 5 – this feature is an option. In the meantime I do the best between outdoor (mostly dry day and preferred daylight rides) activities and shorter indoor stints.

  11. I've used Zwift and The Sufferfest. I find that time flies by so much faster on The Sufferfest. Great workouts, entertaining comedy and so much real race footage. In Angels, 2nd climb was against Froomey and 3rd was on the Angliru against Nibali and Horner with the red jersey on.

  12. Hi Tariq. Great review. Probably a good idea to add upload/download speed requirements. Not everyone has access to high speed internet. In my case, we will be wintering where internet service is spotty (ie about 5 Mbps).

  13. For personalised structured training you can't beat TrainerRoad in my opinion. Their Plan Builder feature is awesome.

  14. I do combine both BigRingVR and Xert. BigRingVR for the indoor season, Xert for indoor and outdoor. So I can ride the most beautiful roads, and do my workouts at the same time.

  15. Any preference among the real world apps like fulgaz, rgt etc. The vuelta and other grand tour courses sound appealing but I’m not sure there’s enough “entertainment” like in Zwift to keep me interested. Great vid btw. 👍

  16. Sufferfest analyzes your riding during their Full Frontal test ride to develop a 4 dimensional profile (4DP) of your current rider type. You can get free plans to improve your riding. It uses high intensity training and the training plans are great.

  17. About to start riding a bike "seriously" indoor as quarantine is around the corner here in Italy. Very precious videos, thanks for sharing your experience, clear and very detailed what's not to like here? 0 thumb down, well deserved.

  18. Love the channel! Where can I get the "Erg On" with profile t-shirt that you are wearing in the video?

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