SECRET GOOGLE OS?! | Checking out the Fuchsia Google OS on Android! | Harrison Broadbent

So lately, the Fuchsia Google OS has been making waves in the tech community, but what actually is it?

Currently, the Fuchsia google os is a very barebones app for Android, filled with placeholders, but it is built to show a concept of what Google envisions for the future of mobile operation systems.

Fuchsia is a mobile operating system, built from the ground up to be a mobile-optimized operating system, optimized for things such as fast performance and seamless updates. Traditionally, this is where Android has had issues, as it is impossible to update completely, and performance can vary wildly.

The Fuchsia google OS has actually been around for months now, coming out around October 2016, but only in the last few weeks has it been updated to feature a visual interface to interact with.

Fuchsia for Android, and as an OS, in general, is still in the very early alpha stages, with only the barest of bones to show for its functionality, but so far, what we have seen has been extremely promising, and hopefully this will mean the success of the Google Fuchsia OS in the future!

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  1. Great Showcase, I wonder what Google wants to tell us with the Japanese numbering, but maybe it's also just to spice things up a bit.


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