Sam Heughan on Outlander Season 6 Release Date

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  1. I have been watching, faithfully, since the beginning. This has to be one of the best series in a very long time. When it does finally end, and it will, I will be sad. But I do have all of the seasons in digital format, so I will be able to re-watch whenever I feel the need. My wife, who is originally from Thailand, loves the show too. She keeps asking me, "When is season 6". I keep telling her, when they finish filming it. So far the best answer I've heard is early, say February or March 2022. Since they just started filming 6 this February. I have also followed Sam Heughan's career, watching the newest film, "SAS-Red Notice". It helps to see our stars in different genres, and Sam never disappoints.

  2. Season​5​ last​ scene​ still​ in​ my​ head​, I​ can't​ wait for​ season​6​

  3. I know, right? Good chat, no season 6 release date… I hope it will be like season 5 was posted on Netflix on January 16, 2021, so hopefully just after Christmas ❤️❤️❤️

  4. “They told us when we went wrong” Yeah! Don’t get me STARTED on season 4, especially the season finale!😡

  5. Maybe somebody could explain to me the fascination with this show because I don't get it

  6. Love love love Sam!!! Men in Kilts is so entertaining. Graham and Sam need to explore other places together. Can't wait for Outlander 6!! Love Sam's other movies too.

  7. I was an Outlander HUGE fan but I’m totally put off with the delays…so I’m done. Yes I get the Covid thing but we have seen this series stretched out each year and hey…YOU’RE NOT that special. Big mistake thinking that. Off to bigger and better things. And to Diana Gabaldon…finish your books…promises, promises…yah …no … done.

  8. Oh how I love, love this show !
    I just started watching it two weeks ago, just finished season 4!

  9. The best TV show I’ve ever seen! Great acting and casts! Awesome!!🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️👏👍👍

  10. Love Outlander, have reacted to all 5 seasons on my YouTube Channel – MAMA DEE REACTS!!

  11. Just finished season 5. I would love to see the whole family Jamie and Claire go back to the 1970s. That would be awesome! And I hope Bri and Roger and children make it back too.

  12. Watch, rewatch….totally addicted. It never gets old. Also rereading the books. ❤️ OUTLANDER! ❤️ Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraser. Perfect person for Sam. It couldn't be more perfect.

  13. I'm just barely into season 3. I just started watching this series about a week ago maybe 2 weeks ago.

  14. It's a big pile of steaming shit. Thank God the Jacobites were destroyed. They would have put a tyrant on the throne. Parliament would have been abolished and Protestants butchered. Most of the government troops at Culloden were Scots, btw.

  15. So my friend just asked me "So, what willl you watch now that you finished season 5?"
    Answer: – Now i can finally watch it all again.

  16. WOW TALK ABOUT CLICK BAIT!🤬🤬🤬 there was NO talk about a S6 date whatsoever! Good job there chicks👌🙄

  17. There is nothing except nudity ass hole actors they show body to make money and pretend like friends and cheat on there partner

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