SpaceX launches Starlink batch on booster’s 8th flight, lands too!

SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites atop a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s historic Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Mar. 4, 2021. It is the 20th Starlink mission. Full Story:

Credit: SpaceX .

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  1. lol these are so shady, they never show the landings and even the other shit looks like graphics

  2. Elon, How about you install some second hand IMAX "film" cameras on the landing barges. That may help. Also, Are you doing anything about the annoying throttle down at max Q. Is there a solution your team is working on?

  3. A person bought a new iPhone. While running he fell down with his iPhone in his pocket. He heard a loud and clear cracking sound. He immediately said “ I hope it was my bone…"

  4. I forgot all about this and walked outside this morning to my car and seen a row of satellites going over head. Really awesome!!

  5. Glad I didn’t get up early for this one nothing to see! What happened to all the cameras?

  6. one step closer to some decent internet…WOOOHHOOO!!!! Thanks SPCX!!!! Got my preorder in….

  7. Make those starlink satellites less reflective Elon. Their albedo is ruining our imaging and you're recklessly damaging Earth based Astronomy and Cosmology. In effect, hindering Science. If he's really about furthering Humanity, he would find the money and resources to make it happen. Someone has to care about the night sky for future generations.

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