NEW Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Design, Matte Black, New Notch

Massive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Update! New lens design, matte black color, bronze/copper color, new anti-fingerprint coating, tiny notch, bigger batteries, NO portless models, 1TB storage, smaller logic boards & so much more!

Phone Rebel Gen-2 Cases:
(Rebel will restock in 2-3 weeks, Crystal for 12 Pro Max almost sold out)

Max Weinbach (Leak Source)

Special thank you to Concept Creator for help with 3d modeling. .

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  1. I just hope that the iOS has mask face id bc it was so stupid to put it but u need the Apple Watch

  2. 8.37m subscribers 🙁
    Can't believe
    Never seen in YouTube such channel
    Impressive 😊

  3. Havent watched you in a while, since i switched to android, you have come a long way, congrats 🥳

  4. What i want, tumbprint under screen, front camera under screen. If iphone13 almost similar with the previous iphone im not gonna buy it. Why waste on something almost similar with the old models.

  5. I hope blue comes back, it didn't make sense for me to get the 12 but I love the blue of the 12 pro. If the 13 pro doesn't have blue, I'll probably get black

  6. ага тоесть мы должны переплачивать за новую расцветку

  7. Apple Trying to stop leaks??? Can they focus on what’s more important. GET RID OF THE ISLAND/NOTCH. It’s annoying. I don’t even use face recognition to unlock my phone lmao.

  8. This Proves that Samsung and Apple are friends but not on Phone Marketing

  9. why wouldn’t they use a modern computer processor on mars lol wouldn’t it be smaller, more efficient?

  10. I already know exactly what apple will do for the iPhone 14. Since they moved the earpiece to the top of the bezel for 2021 I’m sure this means they will take away the notch in 2022, and switch to a finger print sensor under the display.

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