72 Hours With The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE….WHY?

In this video, I review the Samsung Galaxy FE (Fan Edition) 72 hours later, after the unboxing! I test the camera, battery life, display (including the 120hz FHD+ amoled panel, and performance! For the specs, this budget smartphone is excellent for the price! The 5G variant has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 bringing benefits vs the Exynos 990 in the 4G version, which you can also buy for less money! Is this the best value for money, budget Samsung phone 2020?


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  1. everyone loves high refresh rate but I had to turn it down to 60hz as some apps don't work in 120hz. Also big battery boost dropping down to 60hz. Also the difference is negligible

  2. It has a great problem, it gets hot a lot and easily.
    A lot of users are complaining. And Samsung Members recommends to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, apps, pages, don't use case, etc. It is almost as if they say, turn your phone off half a day and everything will be great, or better if you just turn it off for good.
    So, we have a beautiful and powerful phone that you can't use.

  3. Just a few years ago if you looked at this phone's specs you'd bet it was $1000+. That $700 price was too compelling I had to get it and have no regerts.

  4. I can say it now: the s10+ is better than the S20 fe, oh the buyer's remorse🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. cheaper for better I love the plastic back over all the shitty glass backs that easily break

  6. I really like my fe. But the times the screen randomly stops responding is extremely annoying.

  7. The S5 had a gripped plastic back and was an excellent handset.
    Glass shatters. It's for image only.
    Most intelligent people put a protective cover on their phones.
    Anything else borders on pure stupidity, a bit like "drop test" videos. 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Why? The answer is easy. It's near enough to an affordable flagship Samsung device that a lot of people may otherwise not have been able to afford.
    Not everyone can afford to lash out a 1K at the drop of a pin.

  9. Hi there, need your help… I dunno whether to choose Vivo X50 pro or Samsung S20 FE Exynos here in Malaysia…. Both around RM2300 – 2500… Based on your experience, which camera is better? Please help… Thanks

  10. I broke my s10 plus screen and it coat around 350 to fix so I think I might as well upgrade for an extra 100 to this

  11. ive had the 4g version on 3 network for 2 months now absolute beauty of a phone and as for the battery its brilliant i would highly recomend this phone to anyone

  12. Fe stands for Fan edition I think it's sounds more appealing to the consumer which is me.

  13. I was extremely frustrated and disappointed to discover that there is no headphone jack position. #when I followed up on that, the vendor just shrugged and said, be phone don't have them any more, they use blue tooth connections. Arrrrrg!!! The only time I used a blue tooth thing, My face went completely numb. I have not used them since. I went to find a way to solve the issue of not being able to listen to things without disturbing others around me. It was a nightmare. I was shown and bought aC2connection to go in the charging position, but connected to headphone buds. Ok, but I can't charge the phone whilst listening to my music or whatever. Apparently, Samsung copied Apple – big mistake, apparently not only n my opinion but in all the shops I went investigating in. perhaps you can pass on my comments to Samsung. Thanks.

  14. I'm looking to upgrade from Samsung galaxy s9 and I'm so confused what to upgrade to!

  15. Nice video, will be getting this as my next phone. For what I need it to do this is more than enough for me already.
    Cheers for the video👌🏻

  16. They did it cause they know i wouldve bought the fe if they released it with the s20 plus so they basically tricked me in to paying more for basically the same device

  17. My Fe camera sucks. It lags on opening almost everytime for about 2 seconds. Annoying AF

  18. Plastic back is BETTER that glass!
    1080p is better for battery life and anything more is dumb…
    S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon) is an amazing phone!

  19. This is my next phone after 2 years on Pixel 3…nephew will be happy because I will give him my Pixel 3 in very good condition ..

  20. I just upgraded to the S20FE from a S5 a couple weeks ago and love it. The only feature I miss from the S5 was the wake up by waving my hand over it. It was great at night when I just needed to see the time and didn’t need to completely unlock the phone. I also wish I could have gotten a different color in the 256gb model. I generally use solid color cases but my liquid glitter case is clear and looked better on my white phone than the navy but a different case will take care of that.

  21. Wait so the ultra is actually the older version and s is the cheap 1? Dam yea i pretty much got lost there 2, wish there was a note fe version tho like the note lite but better

  22. The S20 FE 5G has the latest and new unbelievable failure ghost tap screen 1.0. Samsungs newest creation in having much fun. Designed and tested for a great user experience you never had in you're life.

  23. I have a Fold 2 and and iPhone 11 Pro and got the Samsung S20 FE as a sort of backup phone when my Fold 2 battery is low. I now use the FE more than the Fold 2. Watching photos and videos is better on the Fold 2 thanks to its big screen. But that's all. For everything else, the FE is nicer, slimmer, snappier and buttery smooth with 120hz, without affecting the battery life much.
    Apart from the always amazing video camera quality and FaceTime (only reasons I have one) I see nothing practically superior on an iPhone , compared to any flagship android phone.

  24. awsome video my friend. just got 1 for photography and filming my youtube vlog. I've been using an s10+ and its a great phone but which would you say is best for vlogging?

  25. They switch the names of the light version on purpose it's a marketing ploy because they don't want one to be known as the cheaper one it will deter people from buying it.

  26. I recommended this to my dad. i love most things about it but GOD THIS IS LAGGY. it lags far worse than my note 10. despite the 120hz (which looks amazing when it works, as an example in the settings menu it doesn't drop frames and it looks soooo amazing) it only stays there for 10% of the time. most of the time there's so much frame dropping that it looks worse than my note 10. if i set it to 60hz it gets more consistent but it's just… sad… I get headaches from using this thing. the second it also needs to do processing the frame rate gets GOD AWFUL. for example when i'm waiting for a website to load it gets so laggy, a second or two after I see everything as fully loaded it gets mostly smooth again

    the vibration motor in this thing is also pretty crap. nothing like the note 10 and absolutely not even close to iphones.

    I actually love this phone's finish tho. the plastic genuinely feels better to me than glass! call me crazy! i don't care! i love the plastic and it won't break so easily like glass! it's cheaper too! Polycarbonate is way better

    oh and the panel is harsher on the eye and worse than the note 10. and a little bit cooler. but then again I only noticed this bit after putting my note 10 next to it. the note 10 for some reason at high brightness hurts my eyes WAY less. the s20 fe was a little jarring.

    I myself and giving up. I might get an iphone as my next phone if they bring 120hz the software can be super annoying at times but worth it I guess. I also hate how heavy iphones are with their stainless steel frame. makes my hands so tired.

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