Apple’s 2021 launch event 4 new lazy bags: 5G iPad Pro M1, iMac M1, AirTag, Apple TV 4K and new iPhone?!

This time, I compiled the Apple Event 2021, the most powerful iPad Pro in history! The 7 colors of iMac are all pleasing. The remote control of Apple TV 4K can have siri. AirTag plus Hermès accessories buy a whole set at a time, and the iPhone12 iPhone/12 mini has a new color! The time point of the video is also unified below. For your reference, 00:00 opening 00:28 iPhone12 iPhone12 mini new color 00:54 AirTag 02:17 Apple TV 4K 04:35 Multicolor iMac M1 10:50 iPad Pro M1 16:19 Summary Now Podcast can also be heard by Tim brother Technology News Reported to Apple

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  1. 想请问一下大家,苹果12pm的保护膜可以选哪一家的?

  2. Tim哥,你覺得之後會出27吋嗎?太驚訝只出了一個size。好失望!

  3. 以往未出新機只出新顏色的做法似乎只在安卓陣營才會出現,難得在蘋果看到

  4. 香港跟美国好像是airtags的首发叭,iPhone12紫色没有很吸引我也,我最在意就是ipadpro Tim哥推荐吗?

  5. Tim哥的影片幾乎每次不是收音有問題就是影像有問題 作為影音創作者非常不專業….

  6. MAC 8G… 還要買?
    至於AirTag… 完全沒屁用

  7. 想知道AirTag跟iPhone 11或12以後機種之間的連線如果斷線時 手機端會不會有通知 希望之後如果Tim哥要開箱實測的話能測試看看是否有這項功能 如果能拿XS或X實測更好 但因為好像AirTag用U1晶片好像要用iPhone 11定位才比較精準所以拿11以後機型才比較準確? 這我就不得而知了@@

  8. 对于一般人而言,M1芯片用在iPad Pro上,实在是有点性能过剩了!

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