Another Samsung One UI 3.0 Software Update – What This Means For The Public Release

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we take a look at the new Software Update for Galaxy S20 and what this means for the public release that’s soon to be. Also Some notable changes One UI 3.0 brings.

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  1. Hey Jim, always wanted to ask, where do I get that clear cover you have in your phone? I love the thickness, I need it, what brand is that? Thank you.

  2. I want to see vertical scrolling in the app drawer. This horizontal swiping sucks. They could at least have the option instead of removing it all together.

  3. What themes are you using there that makes all menus pure black and not the grey color that we get with dark mode?

  4. After the update, my internet is not working or it is very slow …. anyone else had this ? Any info on how to fix if I can fix that is ?

  5. Im installing this update now using one UI 2.5 and it's about the same size and same improvements, but I'm in Australia so..

  6. only 3 or 4 minor changes not looking major change 2.5 v 3.0 maj change will come s21 3.1 u.i

  7. Finally someone showed the enhanced processing. But I would like to see this at least on CPU-Z

  8. Single take time variation is already available on my S10 on the November Patch. I think it was part of One Ui 2.5. But I'm not sure

  9. I had 2 updates back to back. Soon as this update was finished it automatically went to another update

  10. @Jimmy is Promo I have an issue i can't resolve as I dont know how, its the TimeZoneDataQ, there's an update but I have to uninstall/delete the previous version, problem is i dont know where it is, have you done a video on this or if possible can you do 1 pls.

  11. Funny thing..I still haven't been able to update shit since I've dl the first beta test 3.0.. samsung galaxy S20

  12. Wow got 5th update on my update but seemed like it updated twice on my s20+ here in Colorado on TMobile

  13. Somewhat off topic, but how are you still able to get over a day of battery life on your S20? I have the Note 20 Ultra, but I haven't been able to get more than 18hrs of battery life in the months I've had it even with power management.

  14. Having a color wheel for the always on display clock is why I'm looking forward to this update.

  15. im wait when the updates says update your software it will be automatically notified when i recieve new update

  16. It seems like that is all about One UI 3.0,after I saw the origin OS about Vivo,I feel disappointed.

  17. Always appreciate your videos Jimmy? I'm on the beta in the UK and I've got an issue with YouTube. Whenever I watch a video in landscape mode the battery percentage is visible. Have you heard anything the same?

  18. 6th UK beta update this morning, 19th November, states that you cannot roll back to Android 10 after installing this update. Edit: to confirm, this update does have December patch, I'm using S20 Ultra.

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