Team Of The Year is coming in January 2021! The Best 11 Players in the world are going to be awarded a TOTY card in FIFA 21 Ultimate team which are the most premium cards every year. When exactly is TOTY coming out?

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  1. He: Toty release in 4 January
    Me: Realize That today 6 January
    Also Me: So that was a fucking lie

  2. The toty nominees were pretty awesome? They were not the same, they actually had plus 1 upgrades unlike the ucl cards

  3. I don't know why people think Mbappe is good, he is fast, but not good. Neymar is 100 times better. Neymar is fast, has best ball control, best dribbling, and he shoots with both legs. If Mbappe gets TOTY and Neymar doesn't, i am going to giveaway my ps4 and my fifa 21.

  4. Same fifa as fifa 20 same as fifa 19 same as fifa 18 same as fifa 17 same as fifa 16 same as fifa 15 same as fifa 14 same as fifa 13. Kids will never learn

  5. If i have mbappe , ronaldo ,neymar gold card . Should i sell them now ?
    Hows about their price after toty ?? It will drop ?

  6. The toty should be
    Attack: Lewadowski, Ronaldo, Messi
    Midfield: Thiago, Kimmich, Kevin De Bruyne
    Defence: Robertson, Davies, Van Dijk, Ramos
    Goalkeeper: Oblak
    12 man choices:
    Neymar, Mbappe, Salah, Neuer, Mane.

  7. Mbappe wont be in honestly, there are always Ronaldo and Messi on forward even if they werent the best players + Lewy has 100% to appear on toty. All forwards taken and 12th man can be Neymar

  8. Will players that aren’t in packs drop? I want to buy Europa league Ndidi but don’t know if to wait or not.

  9. Get ready for ridiculously Overpriced SBC’s, Trash lightening rounds and a loan 75+ rated player pack for Christmas Day ?

  10. This guy hearts every thing I wonder if he would heart a pointless comment like this

  11. If both neymar and mbape dont get a toty than im done honestly. Just give neymar a CAM card, he has played many games at cam this year

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