Root OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro, 8, 8 Pro – Easiest Method [How To]


The most straight-forward guide you will find on how to root your OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro, 8 and 8 Pro guaranteed. Suitable for Android 9, 10 and 11


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Platform Tools –
Payload Dumper –
Magic Manager –

OnePlus Firmware –
*If you cannot see your firmware on the OnePlus website, a Google search for the correct firmware will help you find it 🙂

For the 8 and 8 Pro users, here are some boot images that have already been patched (credit to Mauronofrio, XDA) –


OEM Drivers –


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To unlock the bootloader –

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  1. like your video a lot ! thanks . I've also watched your another video about the unlock bootloader too, i'm just wondering if there's anyway that i can can root my oneplus 7 pro without wiping the exist data on my phone ? … it seems that i need to go through the process of unlock bootloader(wiped)→install TWRP→Magisk→root

  2. I have a 7t converted to global version, bootloader is unlocked too got it done from a shop,wanted to ask if it's the same method of different for converted T-Mobile variant to international?and will it erase my data or anything?cause I want to lock my bootloader

  3. Do you know how much fucking time i have wasted my shit on????
    This is such a waste of fucking time, i've been googling up 10000 things and everything has worked execpt the last fucking part where i need 2 fucking do flash boot but the IMG is to small

  4. Kindly help in downgrading the OnePlus 7T device to OS 10 instead of OS 11 as OS 11 is very much unstable and fingerprint sensor fail to operate at certain place where there was no such issues in OS 10
    Please HELP ?

  5. Hey bud I need some help if you don't mind. I'm trying to go back to Android 10 on my Tmobile OnePlus 7t but I follow the instructions given to me by a few YouTube channels . Downloading the is from OnePlus then making sure it's in the root directory as . Zip then going to settings , system, system update and I'm supposed to have 3 little dots on the top right corner to give me the option of rolling back and it doesn't give me anything at all. I'm going crazy here . I can't find this issue anywhere but it's for my Tmobile variant. Hopefully you can help me . Thanks in advance

  6. Getting stuck at the command prompt and fastboot step. It doesn't find my device and I tried following the steps to install updated OEM drivers and it still didn't work.

  7. Brother i want to install twrp recovery for 7t for nethunter bt i can't find it can you plz provide twrp recovery for my 7t or can you tell me how to install kali nethunter without twrp PLZ HELP

  8. Hi, you're video helped me out a lot on Android 10, but I wanted to ask you if this video is suitable for Android 11 too since it came out yesterday. When I try to root my OnePlus 7T Pro it is just stuck in infinite boot, maybe it's my fault though.

  9. great vid! after rooted is it possible to install latest builds from OTA without losing root or do we have to process again ?