AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G Review: Never Released at Retail, Benchmarks Show Why!

Shrouded in mystery, the Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G from AMD is potentially the best all-around 8-core CPU on the market, thanks to its integrated Vega 8 graphics. But is there a reason AMD never released this at retail? I’ll tell you!

While you can’t buy the 4750G at retail, you can buy the other gear shown in my review, all of which I highly recommend!

Motherboard: Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX –
RAM: Crucial 2x8GB Ballistix DDR4-3600 CL16 –
Note: I used G.Skill SniperX DDR4-3400 CL16 RAM in my testing, as it’s the fastest RAM that works with the Ryzen 5 3400G used in the benchmark comparison, but 3600 CL16 works great on both the 3700X and 4750G.
SSD: XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB PCIe –
Case: SilverStone SUGO 14 Mini-ITX Chassis –
Cooler: SilverStone PF240 –
PSU: SilverStone ST85F-PT –

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00:00 Intro
01:58 CPUs Being Benchmarked
02:37 Content Creation Benchmarks
05:09 Gaming Benchmarks w/ Built-In GPU
06:40 Gaming Benchmarks w/ GTX 1080
09:45 Power Use Metrics
10:46 Conclusion – Why You Can’t Buy the 4750G
13:00 Why I’m Sticking with the 4750G! .

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  1. Taking into account, what AMD is currently doing, there is more value in buying the cheapest AMD CPU you can get (and what your motherboard supports and pairing it with GT1030, than buying any Vega APU. Since those are hidden behind OEM wall…

  2. I have a 4700g hp prebuilt and it seems fabulous for emulation and gaming. I added a 1660ti and ka-boom everything runs 1080p on high settings with a 90-100 avg fps. Benchmark mumbo jumbo tests are fun but my 4700g seems to be a winner

  3. Just bought an office system featuring the R7 PRO 4750G with a GTX1650, looks like a good buy looking at your video, thanks!

  4. With the ongoing chip shortage and gpu prices going rampant, it has become quite an option to buy this.

  5. Hi, thank you for the video. Ive managed to get my hands on a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750GE. Please could you advise me if it would support a Asus ROG B550i motherboard? Cheers

  6. What would be the video card equivalent of these integrated gpu's (in terms of gaming peformances)?

  7. Thanks for the detailed review. You look like an 80s-90s comedian. A little Seinfeld-esque.

  8. I do currently game only on 3400G. I play on steam, only Scum on medium/high settings. yes there is little blur, and sometimes gliches, but that game is still an early access game. It is singleplayer/ online multiplayer survivor game with amazing graphics. BTW Scum is at a large price discount. My question is, can you even offline test this game with 4750G, and with 3400G, so that at least I can know should I buy 4750G since gpu prices are skyrocketed high, or wait 5000 APU with big navi intergrated gpu.

  9. April 2021, just under $400 to order from Korea. Just over $300 from Russia, before shipping.

    I wanted to sell my 3700X to get the 4750G for a portable SFF build in which I was attempting to keep weight, heat, and power consumption down. Instead, I paired a Quadro NVS 295 with the 3700X and was planning on waiting a year or more for either GPUs or the 4750G to come down in price. Now that I've seen your video, I'm just going to stick with what I have.

  10. Just bought one so I can wait out the crazy GPU prices to drop…

    Think 315$ isn't a bad price to pay for this cpu

  11. If you search very well you will find it , in Europe we have several stores with this 4750g. normally is not in stock , you need to call and order, old school communication!

  12. I have bought one 4750G the same price as 3700X on the russian market to do mainly video rendering (there you can find it quite easily) I am really happy with my choice so far ! With the GPU crisis, I would have to invest much more monney in an equivalent solution (At the begining I wanted a 3600X + RTX 3060Ti, but looking at the GPU prices now I think there is no more question. Thanks for the benchmark with GPU, it is the only video I have seen so far making this comparison.

  13. That was really helpful, thanks a bunch. With the recent GPU shortage this might cover the niche of people wanting to build a gaming pc but not wanting to overspend on a graphics card, providing a temporary semi-solution until prices normalize. Sure you won't have the 3700X's marginally better performance, but you wont have to pay 200+ $/E for a 4GB 6 year old GPU that will practically have the same performance as the onboard Vega8.

  14. 10:17 This point alone made the entire review worth watching. Thank you for the thorough testing and insight on these APUs. Subbed.

  15. Actually in germany, in my favorite store they have some PRO APUs. also the 4750G. 😀

  16. Do you think its a good idea to buy at the moment an r5 pro 4650g instead of r5 3600 for 250 instead of 200 in this fucked up time to buy real gpus. I really need a new pc now because i play on potato (gt 630) and 1080p low is good for me at the moment. And in the future i can put a real gpu inside. I was planning msi b550 mortar as mobo.

  17. is it good to buy Ryzen 5 4650G right now for Indian Rupee 14000 that is 192.60 USD ??? then if nvidia launches 3050 or ti or if 3060 stabilizes its pricing…..!!!!!

  18. There are a lot of budget rigs that can't play triple A titles so how is that a problem?

  19. 1366×768 low graphics 30fps locked. Or next step down I think was 1266×720. I'm using a Athlon silver 3050u in a laptop with 4gb ram. Playing elite dangerous, outer worlds, farcry 3 and Arkham city/ origins.

  20. I'll help you with some of that cost if I can buy the 4700GE. That super low 35w TDP looks nice.

  21. These are for OEM office computers. 8-cores to get work done. But could do some light gaming. Great hands on review 👍

  22. For the curious, the ryzen 4700g is unlocked while the 4750g is locked. Seems to be the only difference.

  23. Those Prebuilt system and cpu doesn't even exist on my country….
    Sad, I would really want to upgrade my 3400g.

  24. Is the quality of oem and retail are the same? Because I want to get this ryzen 7 4750g but im worried since the seller told me its oem and it was tray type. Do you think its safe to buy ?. Thanks

  25. What happened is the system builders got a hold of AMD. AMD shouldn't be doing any exclusive deals with system builders.

  26. Thanks for the analysis, good video!

    I was going to buy an i5-10400, because I could not find a strong AMD CPU that had basic display output!
    Now, AMD has closed the hole in their competitive line-up!

    Ryzen 5 Pro arrived just in time for me to build my computer with the Ryzen 5 4750G and take advantage of AMD's process node and efficiency to build a more efficient computer designed to run on the 12V output from my off-grid solar system.

    My system is not for gaming. But it will surely render DAW and CAD environments without tearing, and 1080p games for the kids should work with the right settings.

  27. At first I thought this was gonna go down the usual, hey look this APU is slower than a CPU with a GPU, but to my surprise you actually acknowledged it for what it is, a MASSIVE upgrade to the 3400g, Ive been wanting to upgrade my 3400G ever since i got it, its CPU bound in a lot of games i like to play, and yes its my gaming rig and it will game at 1080p30 custom settings, even witcher3 is almost playable. However the 4700G is due for Release in January but the 5700G will likely be revealed at CES, so now one has to play that waiting game, once again 😉

  28. DUH … THE PROBLEM (for AMD) is that the 4750 games too well, in terns of cost. … American gamers still do buy plenty of 3400Gs for moderate gaming performance and AMD would MUCH rather have us spoiled rich kids dropping a bundle on a $300 graphics card. … I am going to hope that the 3400 goes back down to it's pre-Christmas pricing of about $140 US and I am going to buy an $85 B450 mATX motherboard and a B-Stock (FDB fan) PSU. .
    .. I am also seeing (at Amazon+NewEgg) that availability on CPUs, GPUs Mobos will be hitting like a tsunami, sometime in February. .. That means that lots of game boys will be selling their OLD components on eBay, come mid April. .. That is a long time (at least two haircuts from now).
    … BTW .. There is a Moore's Law evolution going on in the SBC/SoC (Single Board Computer and Sys on a Chip) sector ,… EVEN the $70 raspberry Pi 4C 8GB can do most all standard business apps so, within the next year (maybe 2) you will be buying micro form-factor computes, the size of Rubic's Cube, for under $100, on Amazon. .. I think I'll get one for the master bathroom.
    .. My snarky point is that ONLY GAMERS and technical operators (Traders, Engineers, etc.) will be buying desktops. …. Perhaps, there will be an option to link nine micro-cubes into a massively parallel workstation (kinda like a blade rack). .. HHMMMMmmmmm .

  29. Can this thing even be overclocked? Says locked on AMD's webpage however some people say overclockable. And with overclock I don't mean IF overclock, I mean core overclocking, PBO etc.

  30. I use a [email protected] 105.2 boosts to 4515 MHz. RAM 4133 CL 16-16-16-16-32-48 [email protected] 1.5V. As GPU 5700xt @2080Mhz 1.10V. Board Asus Prime B550m-a. This cpu is a killer. With fast RAM and Timings you get a huge increase on Min-FPS. Love this APU. Max 78 Watts @ OCCT AVX2 Burntest. CB20 Single 516 and Multi 3978. Let you say OC on that CPU is so easy @ Stock Voltages.


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