What Elon Musk’s 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth

Over the next few decades, Elon Musk is hoping to send 42,000 Starlink satellites to space. With these satellites, SpaceX hopes to bring high-speed satellite internet to every corner of the world. But experts worry it may come at a hefty cost, blocking astronomers’ views and potentially space exploration for decades.

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What Elon Musk’s 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth .

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  1. My concerns is that's going to create a lot of space junk into space causing the earth more problems. Then we could ever imagine… Why turn our planet into a wider beacon?

  2. ive never had a worse connection till skynet when into place… not to mention that the military weapon has made ppl suffer more then ever. now no where are we safe.
    Fk off Elon and ur leaders. Remember there goal… 90% of the world pop will die

  3. Continually showing that alarmist fear-mongering non realistic view of Earth's orbit being that cluttered is just fear-mongering in my opinion

  4. For seriously though. This is the beginning of a sinister super villain scenario.
    Billionaire eccentric who believes Earth is doomed to overpopulation surrounds the planet with bots promising Epic Fast 4k anime for everyone.

  5. Oy vey we won’t be able to access space!!! Who will send the first black transsexual astronaut to Mars now?? Elon noooooo!!!

  6. Can we make satellites that deploy giant nets to capture debris and then send all of it into the ocean or the sun? Asking for a Starlink.

  7. Oh. that's why lately these sudden electric shocks in the arm and body. it was definitely not a static charge on the body. please stop this.

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