2020 vs 2021 M1 iPad Pro: Gaming & Battery Life Comparison

M1 vs A12Z Battery Life Test and Gaming Comparison in Genshin Impact and Call of Duty Mobile as well as Overheating and Screen Dimming!
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In this video, we compare battery life and gaming performance between the NEW 11″ 2021 iPad Pro M1 and the 11″ 2020 iPad Pro with the A12Z chip.

We test Genshin impact with is currently the most difficult game and really pushed both iPad as well as Call of Duty which is the most popular FPS game right now.

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  1. iOS/iPadOS 14.6 drains battery life due to the Bluetooth and U1 chips constantly pinging for the ‘Find My’ network to work, eg AirTags! Apple need to add an option in the system location settings to disable/opt out of this otherwise I’m sure they’ll face a class action lawsuit over it

  2. me sitting here with my rog phone 3 that is lasting 2 days without charging playing the occasional game and watching a few vids

  3. They need to hurry up and optimize it for gaming codm doesn’t have 120fps option huge downgrade for serious gamers and even on pubg same issue

  4. I think you should have tested the 12.9 versions to get the best performances….

  5. This is an unfair comparison. The Genshin impact on M1 is always at low quality graphic even you set to high which consuming less power.

  6. The M1 beats more than an A12Z because of M1 has more speed and more efficiency, which is used to be made in iPhone 13 Pro Max for great performance, there is no A14X and A14Z because A12X and A12Z has small differences which doesn't gain too much efficiency and its just about speed, the iPad Pro 2021, 2020, and 2018 models have up to 120Hz refresh rate which feels smooth enough for you, but other iPads don't have that refresh rate, and that may drain battery quickly, so that is an issue.

  7. Does it matter that the 2020 model is older and how much have you use it? Perhaps the battery isn't as new and healthy as the M1 and that's why it dimmed and battery drained more. ???

  8. For everyone that happens on call of duty mobile where u cant have very high graphics and max Fram rate

  9. How did you connect the game controller to the Genshin? I can't find the setting menu in the game.

  10. Vadim vadim's playing the game like he's forgotten that its on a test and the camera is rollin'….???

  11. Thumbnail: "M1 drains more battery."

    Also thumbnail: * shows Genshin running on M1 and COD on A12Z *

    Me: yup, nothing unusual here

  12. Can you do a video on the same thing as this video using the M1 iPad Pro vs iPad Air?

  13. have no problem with my ipad mini 5….. also
    but I m very +++++very happy with my m1 MacBook air…

  14. If Apple allows sideloading You can test emulators like dolphin which is powerful enough on iPad


  16. Can anyone tell if the ipad Pro 2021 will get the 120fps in future in cod mobile?? Is it possible with the updates.? Should I buy it or go with ipad Pro 2020?

  17. This guy is playing mobile with a controller showing off, with that low sense he would get destroyed on pc or console

  18. Was hoping this was a 12.9 comparison as its the own I bought. I feel like the mini-LED could be more impactful cuz it can get so much brighter and it's a dual-layer panel.
    The thing about OLEDs, for example, is that they can consume less power than LCD on lower brightness but the closer you get to max brightness the draw goes up significantly, often using more battery than LCD. Maybe mini-LED suffers from the same issue. I've heard that with previous models the 11" has better battery than the 12.9" despite the bigger battery.

  19. Don’t forget that the M1 is cranking out more work per second (higher FPS) even without dimming or throttling.
    It’s impressive how the battery numbers are the same with a big difference in performance.

  20. The iPad pro m1 is so overrated. Both iPads are so close. Not worth spending more on the M1 iPad when you can find a great deal with the iPad 2020.

  21. you should test more games on this ipads , Pugg ,real racing and compare the frames and benchmarks

  22. My ipad pro M1 is a fair bit worse than my 6th gen normal ipad on battery. Still more than enough longevity for me though.

  23. Video request: Best games to play on the Ipad Pro… just got my M1 Ipad Pro 11 inch and my Xbox controller and I'm ready to game! I got the controller for stadia but that apparently sucks… please help!

  24. Do another gaming stress test between the 2021 11 inch M1 iPad Pro VS the A14 iPad Air?

  25. 29% in 1 hour of gaming is teribble in my opinion. It was at full brightness tho i play with half brightness and not the highest settings. I hope it will last better with my game

  26. Thanks much for the perfect timing of the Video.
    Just what I needed at the perfect time 🙂

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