NEW Apple Thunderbolt Display To Launch At WWDC 2021? THIN Bezels, 4K Resolution, $999 Price + MORE!

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Intro 00:00
Why I Think We Could See This At WWDC 2021 00:19
Reason #1 – Sam Kohl Has Heard Some Things… 00:27
Reason #2 – Jon Prosser Hints At The Apple Display Releasing Soon 00:41
Reason #3 – LG Ultrafine 4K Display Has Been Discontinued 01:46
What We Know So Far 02:21
Design 02:31
No Mini-LED Display 02:41
Possible Display Specs (Basically Expect The Display From The 24″ iMac lol) 03:11
Display Size 03:34
Price 04:17
About The Pro Display Stand… 04:47
Question Of The Day 05:08
Outro 05:21



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  1. WOAH!!! Apple monitor ??? Better not have a separate stand ??? I hope the display size is at least 27"… And it better be much cheaper!!! Awesome video Saran! ?

  2. I'm waiting for a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time.

  3. White bezels would piss me off severely, as I’ve been waiting years for this prosumer display hdr. No one out there is making retina resolution monitors bigger than 17”, except for a really old Dell 8k and 5k that both look horrid and cost so much you might as well by an xdr. That and the LG Apple collabs, of which I have two 24” for portrait mode next to a 43” 4k Samsung frame tv, because they match. I can never seem to get enough screen real estate for my workflow, but find it hard to justify spending a car worth on a soon to be deprecated mac pro and two-three xdrs.

  4. If it has decent speakers, full TB4 capability, 32" and miniLED – we can talk. I need ultrasharp text and 120Hz refresh rate, good black. Don't care about rest.

  5. Makes no sense to make an eternal monitor 24" – the average consumer will just use their 24" and dont add another monitor. A lager monitor makes complete sense as it is to support the larger iMac for more prof use and for users of FCPX and LPX.

  6. Would order it the day its available. Have had the Thunderbolt 1 display for almost 10 years. Thrilled with it but it is showing its age.

  7. If Apple made it then I will buy it. 32” would be the perfect size. I will never buy a display with white bezels though, not now, not ever.

  8. they should put the panel of the new iMac in to the display and sell it for 499 oder 599 and it should have Black Bezels

  9. 27inch, thin bezel, 5K – $1300 with stand. Between iMac 24 M1 display and Pro XDR. My guess anyway …

  10. I rather safe for a gaming pc instead of getting this btw am saving for one rn. Apple just shut up unless you good game on it

  11. I don't believe they will release a dedicated display any smaller than 27". I have the LG Ultrafine 5K 27" and love it. If Apple releases something with similar specs, I'd likely get it and sell my LG. If they do not, I may buy another LG given the new Mac mini supports two thunderbolt displays.

  12. I think Prosser’s wording was him not including an S when he said MacBook Pro, so we may see only 1 MBP? But, this contradicts what Gurman has said so idrk

  13. how come you said "macbook pro" are you only expecting one? and if so would it be the 14" or 16"?

  14. According to rumors WWDC will see more bleeding edge products than the last hardware focused event. Yeah right as if that is gonna happen…..

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