Voicemod on MacOS Works?! | Windows App on Catalina 10.15 to Use w/ OBS/SLOBS/Discord!

***NOTE: This is NOT a tutorial, nor is this going to magically allow you to use a Windows app on a Mac. This process involves a lot of different moving parts. If you do not have access to aspects of this solution, you’ll need to wait until the devs port the app to MacOS natively.***

For an updated, step-by-step tutorial, please check out my new video on this topic:

ETA 05-20-21: If you want to use this method AND pair it with your Elgato Stream Deck (or Lioranboard or Touch Portal), check out my new tutorial:

In this video, I detail my rig and streaming set-up so that I can use a currently (as of Dec 2020) Windows-only program, Voicemod (, on my 2020 27″ iMac! I did not know if this was going to work, but hopefully these options are helpful to others who can’t wait for Voicemod to have a native Mac app.

Apps I use in this video/set-up:
1. OBS:
2. Streamlabs OBS:
3. Soundflower (abandoned project, but works on MacOS Catalina):
4. Sound Source:
5. Parallels:
6. I don’t use this, but this is a free, open-source alternative to Parallels: Oracle VM Virtual Box:

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  1. Maybe can you show us how to download first so we can make sure it's the right thing we download! 😀

  2. hello dude I literally spend too much for voice mod using parells too handy plus expensive bruh
    I used all my pocket money and asked for more so I dont have for next month

  3. idk why but when i try this voice mod says it cant find the driver I had to install on windows

  4. This is one useless video, you really made video to tell us use parallel desktop VM, and recommend us get Windows 10 key lmao? People click this for way to actually convert Windows App to MAC. Pure Joke.

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