It is rumored to be released on 9/14, on sale on 9/24, new iPhone may be added back to Touch ID

It is rumored to be released on 9/14, on sale on 9/24, new iPhone may be added back to Touch ID

Recently, a lot of rumors about body configuration, functions and price have been added to the news of the new generation iPhone that has attracted much attention from fruit fans. The good news includes that the price of the new generation iPhone may remain unchanged, and there is also a chance to add Touch ID fingerprint recognition to the original Face ID; but at the same time, because of the enhanced camera module function, the lens position may be larger than the previous generation. .

According to the current supply chain information, Apple’s name for the new iPhone seems to have changed from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 12s series, which has been slightly changed from the traditional name. At the same time, despite the delay in the shipment and release of the iPhone 12 series due to the social environment last year, But this year it is inferred from various sources that Apple will revert to the habit of launching new iPhones in September. There are rumors that Apple intends to release the new generation of iPhone on the last Friday of September, that is, September 24th, which reversely speculates that the Apple Event may be held on September 14th, local time.

As for mobile phone functions, the state media quoted a well-known analyst Guo Mingchi’s earlier report, saying that Apple has been testing the fingerprint function under the screen after the epidemic began; and he had predicted before last year that the launch of new iPhone products this year (2021) will increase. Back to Touch ID fingerprint recognition, there is a high chance that the screen fingerprint recognition technology using ultrasonic induction method; with the face ID module of the sensor with a compact size, it also provides multiple biosecurity solutions for mobile phones.

In addition, multiple sources confirmed that the new-generation iPhone series will switch to a photosensitive element shift-type optical anti-shock main camera module. Because its volume is larger than the current lens shift optical anti-shock module, it is unavoidable The back camera module occupies more space than the previous generation.

Source: Fast Technology, Phonearena

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