420+ Mile Range Model Y could happen THIS Year

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  1. I'd love to see a decently affordable Model 3 and Model Y getting close to or over 400 miles. It would put it on par with some Chinese manufacturers such as BYD and others. It would also put it on the level with Lucid. And they just need to go for it. People want that. They're ready. Demand is already through the roof.

  2. I predict that Giga Texas will start with the $61k Performance Model Y, Tesla’s most profitable lower volume model. This way Performance models can be shut down at Fremont and they could concentrate on Dual Motor models and MAYBE introduce the RWD model again.

  3. It would be crappy if they keep the same range while using a smaller 4680 battery pack. That would defeat the purpose of better technology to benefit the customers. I understand it’s a business but it needs to be fair with the customers. If anything I would like them to be somewhere in the middle. May be smaller battery pack but large enough to give 375 mile range. Then they can wait for the competition to catch up before taking another leap and go 425 mile range.

  4. My guess is the AWD and Performance will get the 4680s with a 400 mile + range first. And the Model Y Standard Range + RWD will return with a 300+mile range. All witll initially be priced similar to current models with the goal the short term goal of slowly reducing price over time as 4680 cells and structural battery packs and single piece front and rear casting roll out to all Tesla models.

  5. They could also move all model y production to Texas while they install a new press in Fremont and roll out Gen 2 model 3

  6. It will 303 x 1.3+ =393.9 and the long range and standard rsnge will have x1.14 because of mega casting+structural battery pack, LR and SR MY still using 2170, like model s LR and plaid still using old battery, but when using structural battery pack it will have 14% range increase

  7. It will 303 x 1.3+ =393.9 and the long range and standard rsnge will have x1.14 because of mega casting+battery in the body

  8. Smaller battery pack let's them produce more cars. I suspect they will increase the range slowly so to avoid the Osborne effect and to be able to sell more cars, they don't really have any problems with selling current ranges to customers and they already are the best range wise.

  9. Tesla's going to build a huge factory faster than the government is able to grant a permit. What a joke.

  10. Tesla can use the additional time for Giga berlin to come online to do more QC (panel gaps, fit and finish, paint job etc).

  11. Simple. They will produce only standard range in Freemont with 2170. And then long range and plaids from Texas and Berlin.

  12. I think the Model Y SR+ will be the new addition to the fleet with the 4680 battery. Providing enough range and a cheaper alternative than buying a LR AWD. Just curious how well it does in the cold.

  13. Oooh im excited we starting to see EV ranges hitting the average gas tank ranges.

  14. Model Y Performance+ = 420 miles of range, <3.5 seconds 0 to 60. If that's happening in 2021, I am getting a Tesla this year.

  15. I think as they transition over people won’t even know which type of battery they have because either cell will go exactly 300 miles, or 400, or 500.

  16. 2170 batteries don't have have range for model y out of Freemont. Giga Texas could produce model y with 4680 standard range that would actually have more than 250mi.

  17. I dig the toy Semi in the background. I would be all over that… IF it had a working frunk haha!

  18. Tailosive EV – I call BULLSHIT, there is ZERO Evidence that a MORE Advanced MODEL Y is coming to AMERICA .
    BERLIN will be FIRST to SELL a MORE Advanced MODEL Y built with MEGACASTING and Structural Battery , and its LOOKING LIKE Berlin MODEL Y will be 4680 but only MID NICKEL cells to START.
    the RANGE of the BERLIN model Y will be SIMILAR to the Current MODEL Y made at FREMONT, but BERLIN model Y will have BETTER PAINT on day one , but it will NOT use High Nickel 4680.
    and GigaTEXAS will come out much LATER than BERLIN model Y. BERLIN is a sealed building Already , GigaTEXAS still has a ways to go , it still needs sheetrock, insulation and OUTDOOR panels.
    at some point TESLA will offer the MORE Advanced model Y made in TEXAS but perhaps not till the VERY end of this year.
    GigaBERLIN is on track to start DELIVERIES for Q4 2021.

  19. 420 miles would make the vehicle very usable. Figure you're going to lose the top 20% because you shouldn't charge past 80 nor should you dip below 20 to maintain the long-term life of your battery. With this you could give that up and still have very usable mileage and wouldn't have to dip into the top 20% very frequently. But that's also assuming they don't increase the price of the vehicle.

  20. That factory in Berlin is nowhere near ready to go. Only becouse the "case" is build you dont have any running equipment inside. I know pretty well the timelines of the berlin factory for the machines that will produce the motors, and they are planned to be operational in the beginnng of next year. Maybe rampup will start in December.

  21. Making it cheaper to make rather than making it better is absolutely what tesla is doing, that’s exactly what they said on the earnings call

  22. Being in Europe, we have the "avantage" of having to wait for it. But for the GigaTexas MY, I think Tesla will do either a special (and expensive one like the S) and once they reach volume production 4680 will make their way to other trims and Freemont will be focus on S,3,X and maybe Y SR.

  23. Am still waiting for it to come in my country. I wanted to buy model 3 then I saw model y in the road and I changed my mind. It’s the perfect car.

  24. It is not an unknown fact that tesla is battery constraint and rather than increasing the range of model y to 420 miles, tesla may decrease the number of cells/vehicle and increase profitability

  25. Maybe they will shut down Fremont? But unlikely. I like yours better. Maybe they will produce a Y+????? Like Combi of Long and Perform. They can call it Performance Long Range Model Y HEHE I hate it but I'm not creative.

  26. Head up display please, make it a driver's car. Who need a self-driving car with 3.5s accelaration

  27. Fremont factory will transition away from building model Y and build S, X, and……hold your breath….The roadster will be built in place of model Y at Fremont. S & X will slowly move to Texas after Texas is up and running, with Y, CT, and Semi in full swing. 4-6 years out for complete transition. Elon is going to leave the communist state of California. This is why Tesla is looking to buy more land in Texas more factory space. Tax incentives like crazy.

  28. i’d like a lower price Y with 300 miles range and less weight from fewer new generation batteries

  29. Easy just have a XL range model Y with the 420 miles you could have
    Standard range
    Performance (maybe performance plus too?)
    Extended range.
    XL range

    Would complicate things a bit but it will allow for a more diverse line theres other benefits too

  30. Last I heard they are producing 4680 cells just down the road from Fremont. They are also setting up 4680 production at Giga Nevada. Just today news broke they are producing mega casting for the Model Y at Austin and trucking them to Fremont. I think the answer to your question is right in front of us really.

  31. Come on now, even a 75 kWh equivalent pack would have 14% more range which means 326 miles x 1.14 = 370 miles of range. That would be doable with less mass and cost. Why wouldn't they do that?

  32. That doesn’t make any sense to me because there’s no way they would make model ys with higher range then model xs

  33. On the slide you show as you're talking about 30% higher range it says 16% higher range. I've seen other slides that show 14% more range… where are you getting this 30% from?

  34. What range is too much range such that you’d, instead, choose a lower price?

    I’d say I don’t need a daily driver with more than 350 miles of range.

  35. I am so confused what to do now. I ordered a LR Y on 4/19 and am anxiously awaiting delivery. Now this comes out and I don't know what to do. I don't have to have a new car but I am definitely getting close. Any advice?

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