The Compute Module 4 Is an Emulation Beast! Raspberry Pi CM4 Review

In this video, we take look at the all-new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4ANd the CM4 io Board!
This is going to be a game-changer when it comes to Raspberry Pi 4 Powered Handheld and portable computers and in this video, we test out RetroPie and see how the new CM4 handles emulators like PSP, Dreamcast, and N64!
The compute module 4 is powered by the same Cpu that is used in the Pi 400 which means it can be overclocked up to 2.3GHz for a nice little boost in performance! With up to 8GB of ram, the CM4 is going to power some really awesome Nintendo Switch Style handheld in 2020!

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  1. Hey buddy! Yep , I watch Jeff Geerling also… haha

    “PI LABS” and partner took Raspbian OS and created “Twister os” ( windows skin on Linux). …”””HOWEVER”””” HE LOAD3D RETROPI AND TWEAKED IT TO PERFORM BETTER WITH MANY GAMES SPECIFICALLYL”””.”, HENCE, LOAD IT ON CM4 OR PI4 AND GIVE IT A RUN.


  2. Are you able to run an app/software for it alone? nothing too powerful, just something to display a scoring on screen and keeping basic scoring system?

    Amazing video! 🙂

  3. (Ref. 11:00) I want to see some PS2 emulation (Doesn't need to be the CM Pi tho) I'm sure it will go horribly but still curious how horribly it will or wont run.

  4. I'm really excited about that PCIE slot.
    Maybe we'll see some discrete GPUs in the future on these handhelds.

  5. Why even mention an upcoming handheld that uses this if you won’t tell us who to look out for? Name drop much?

  6. Except nobody knows how to make an I/O board with USB 3.0 ports on it, for whatever reason…

  7. This sucks. RIP all the handhelds that depend on the past compute form factor.

  8. If you get the chance Virtual Fighter 3tb on Dreamcast would be awesome. Thx either way

  9. Nice. Glad I've held off buying a handheld emulator. I was close to buying an RG350m, but I would prefer to have a handheld using Retropie as the OS. I hope they make one with a screen a little bigger than 3.5.

  10. Just curious. Have you seen an io board that can make a multi cpu board that includes m2? eg; emulation with 2 cm4 that would equal 8 cores and up to 16gb of ram?

  11. I think this makes sense. Since the "motherboards" don't really need to get upgraded that often. So the modules can be swapped for upgrades. Saves $$$.

  12. Wait if it's as powerful as a pi 4 and you need another board to use it which makes it bigger, why not just use the regular pi 4?

  13. If this thing has Final Fantasy, i'm building one.

    Not only is this amazing that we can play all of these games on a single system…..

    But it is also amazing that in 20 years we will be playing current and future gen consoles on yet another emulator

  14. A bad move going to horizontal pcb mounting. If you want to develop a cluster, vertical gives better packing density. MIPI is said "Mippy" BTW.

  15. So size wise….why get a compute module 4 board if you are going to have to attach it to a relatively giant io board?

  16. Mi next project is put this in a altoids box because why not obviously with batteries controls and a screeen

  17. Excuse the nob question but does the CM4 do anything without being plugged into an IO board?

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