Apple Stops Leaks!

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How iPhone 13 Leaks!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro leaks this year. Well, so has Apple’s Tim Cook, and he isn’t happy about it. So in this video, let’s talk about Apple’s new strategy to stop leaks and rumors.

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  1. Leaks are thr worst that ever happened to this industry, the keynotes doesn't mean anything and are not exciting because everyone knows what they'll show, what is the point.

  2. But I think Apple can respectfully asked the Leakers to make a Disclaimer in the video saying that this is just a rumor that may or may not be fully accurate if at all so take whatever is in the video with a grain of salt because Apple may or may not Introduce the features talked about in the video

  3. Leaks and rumors are a by-product of beloved brands and products around the world. Wether it be Star Wars, Marvel, LEGO, Tesla, etc, etc, the list goes on and on. NO single brand has the moral or the authority to say “stop talking about what you imagine we’re going to release”. It’s one thing to actively share patented designs, protected IP, etc. But it’s another thing to get fussy about artist renderings on random websites or even get angry when the rumor mill starts spinning. Like you say in the video, it’s actually crutial to generate buzz and excitement. But in that, it’s the consumer’s responsibility and best interest to fully realize that what is officially announced and put to market that ultimately counts. So unless you have an intelectual handicap and can’t take things with a grain of salt, this one is directly for you: wait until the fat lady sings. And Apple is an enormous lady.

  4. The biggest losers with these Apple leaks are the workers who now have to wear body cams at work.

  5. What does he mean allowed to do vs not allowed to do… It's freedom, it's CONCEPT, leaked POSSIBILITIES, if folks take it literally that's their problem. I do on the other hand I do understand the financial market swings should not happen & not fair.

  6. I, for a couple of years now, have been avoiding mainstream content creators' videos when the title suggests “leaks” and rumors.”
    I agree with Apple on this one.

  7. Ellon Musk once said – its hard to hide something that you hired 1000 ENGENEERs working on it. that is an open secret

  8. Other companies don’t mind rumours as it’s good publicity, OnePlus even leaks info themselves for publicity, but rumours don’t always work out as at this year’s WWDC the rumours pointed at an amazing iOS 15 upgrade like a new control centre or better notifications but I was majorly disappointed at the event.

  9. Not much they can do in the US without infringing free speech rights. In other countries they have more leverage

  10. Honestly, it's good that Apple is taking action against leakers, leaks just ruin the fun and the surprise.

  11. Even if there are no leaks, we wouldnt be surprised to any new apple releases anymore….. It wont be any different

  12. It wold be great to speak in such way that you would let us to increase the volume 🙂 Other than that, your videos are great, I really enjoy them

  13. Bank robberies happen all the time so you have to accept them? I don’t get the whining of these leaker channels , They are making a ton of money by spreading company secrets. And now they cry because they have been told off. Get a job !

  14. I don't even know whats coming to the products if we dont have leaks, yeah i know every leak is wrong but i need to know like whats coming and what expected to come

  15. lmfao. I'm laughing thinking how mad Jon from front page tech gets when he doesnt' get the credit for the leak because he wants to feel important as the person who first brought out the information to the public. Yet, similarly when apple gets mad as shit for people leaking information on products that they thought of first, somehow apple is wrong and they should let people leak their intellectual property nilly willy. lol Oh the irony.

  16. Apple has enough money to pay their attorneys to drag people through the courts and bankrupt the leakers in legal fees. So it doesn’t matter if they can prevail just the legal fees alone is a big enough deterrent.

  17. Ha. If Steve was still around. Everyone would have a reason to be scared of Apple leaks.

  18. The picture at the beginning When people started saying that it was an iPhone 13 I zoomed in on it and It had looked like a Iphone x, xs, or xs max

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